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Hi! I'm known as Heimdall Hammer-Hide. I run Screaming North Leatherwork, a shop dedicated to providing awesome custom armor and accessories. I also draw character illustrations and write fiction--the first book of my fantasy trilogy, Heartseeker, will be finished in late 2015 or early 2016.

2015 Con Schedule

Anime USA
Nekocon 2015

2016 Con Schedule

Magfest (tba)
Awesomecon 2016 (confirmed)
Katsucon 2016 (confirmed)
FWA 2016 (confirmed)
Anthrocon 2016 (tba)
Otakon 2016 (tba)
Furthemore 2016 (tba)
Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 (tba)
MDRF (tba)
VARF (tbd)
Anime USA (tbd)
Nekocon (tbd)

Past Cons!

Anthrocon 2013-2015
Awesomecon DC 2014-2015
Balticon 2004-2015 (just attending, not vending)
Baltimore Comic-Con 2013-2015
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014-2015
Furthemore 2014
Katsucon 2014-2015
Magfest 2014
MD Renaissance Festival 2015
Otakon 2015
Shatterdome Con 2014
VA Renaissance Faire 2014-2015

I'll be either in the dealer room, artist alley, or marketplace of all these cons, so come out, say hello, and buy some cool leatherwork!



Latest Journal

BIG changes for Screaming North Leatherwork

(TL;DR: I'm changing my studio name to "A Thousand Rasps" within the next few days.)

Hello everyone! I apologize that I don't post a lot of journal entries here on Weasyl. I'm not great about it and it's something I want to get better at. I do try to answer questions quickly and post art, however!

I'm writing this journal because I'm rebranding myself. "Screaming North Leatherwork" is being rolled up into a larger studio that encompasses everything I do. Because I do a lot of things.

  • You probably know I draw, since those illustrations usually do make it into my gallery. I mostly do digital painting but I'm breaking back into traditional drawing and coloring with copic markers.
  • ... but did you know I write? The first novel in my medieval fantasy trilogy, Heartseeker, will be done very soon. It's about a traumatized soldier who is given the chance to do something much greater with his life, and he must come to terms with the true cost of winning a war.
  • ... or that I was a computer science major? I don't code professionally anymore but I do occasionally make little web tools (in varying stages of completion) like WordGen, SigilGen, and the Copic Checker. (Those last two are painfully rough. Sorry!) I would love to polish these up and add more utility. I want WordGen to have a tutorial mode and maybe the ability to save templates using cookies.
  • I also recently got a 3D printer! I'm learning a little bit about 3D modeling but nothing complicated yet. I've been producing tools to use in my leatherwork, which is a service I soon want to offer to other leatherworkers. Things like design transfer plates, stamps to use in a press, stencils, etc. (Don't worry. My designs are still my own and the actual tooling is still my favorite part of the whole process, so that will never change.)

As you can see, I have a lot going on behind the scenes. For a while now I've wanted to change my name from "Screaming North Leatherwork" to encompass this, and I decided to come up with an entirely new name for several reasons. First, I can still use "Screaming North Leatherwork" to refer to strictly the leatherworking portion of my studio. Second, the name "Screaming North" has no meaning. I came up with it almost ten years ago (:faint:) and thought it sounded cool. It was kinda-sorta a reference to "the screaming/yelling horn" (Gjallarhorn) since I go by Heimdall, but not really. So I wanted something with a little more meaning.

I looked for sayings similar to "jack of all trades" or "renaissance man" since, well, I certainly am that. I also go by many names, so I also looked for variations on "a rose by any other name" and things like that. Then I discovered the Icelandic phrase Þúsundþjalasmiður, which means "a smith/craftsman of a thousand rasps."

Um. It's perfect.

(Well, maybe not "Þúsundþjalasmiður." That's not easy for the layperson to say or remember. ;))

But I do like "A Thousand Rasps." So that will be my new studio name, coming very soon. :) I will FINALLY be setting up my Patreon as well, and I'll try to have monthly goodies for ALL of my artistic endeavors, from leatherworking tutorials to WIPs of drawings to writing excerpts to surveys asking what I should code next. Higher tier patrons get discounts on commissions, too! So that will be coming within a week or so, I hope.

If you have any questions please ask. Thank you for following me on this crazy journey.

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    Heyo. :)

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    Hi, thanks for the faves on the Desperation Attack pics!

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      No prob! They're awesome. Not enough love for FF these days!

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    Really cool work! Seems most leatherwork in furry is either collars or bdsm gear. I'm pretty jealous of your stamp work as well, you make some pretty awesome patterns. Where do you get your leather from? I don't think I've ever seen 12 oz. anywhere, that's massive. It must have cost a ton.