Comm: Robyn Dragon Plushie by Bluewolfcheetah

Comm: Robyn Dragon Plushie


30 November 2017 at 09:26:36 MST

Robyn is at last complete! She posed some real challenges that's for sure. All those stripes on here were meticulously appliqued by hand then carefully satin-stitched with a very tight zig-zag stitch that often jammed my machine as I fed it through by hand. xD It took many re-dos to get that looking right! But I really love how nice, crisp and clean it makes the edges look.

Her body and hair tufts are made with minky. Eyes and shoulder marking are embroidered and her wings are wired to hold them upright. They can be folded, but it's kind of frustrating to try and straighten them out again with the wires within so I have left them posed upright in this position for now. The client specifically asked that her hair be made with minky rather then faux fur so that I could achieve that very characteristic "pompadour" hair style she sports.

Robyn stands 16" tall, and about 29" long if you count her hair tufts.

I included one of Robyn's illustrations to show the character I was given to work with. Artwork and Robyn herself © RobynTheDragon of dA

Interested in a custom commission? Email me at KaylasKritterz[at] for a quote! Make sure you have your reference (SFW only) and a summary of what you want made!

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