Blue the Plushie Bear Full Fursuit by Bluewolfcheetah

Blue the Plushie Bear Full Fursuit


30 November 2017 at 09:22:34 MST

I've been working at this for so long, pulling so many hours a day working on her on my days off from working on commissions. I'm SO glad to see her done and I'm even more relieved that she's finished in time for the events coming up at the end of this month and into August.

Blue is the first personal fullsuit I have made in a very long time. She's my second bear ever made, and I'm very pleased with how she came out. Her body is fully padded with polyfill for that plush, soft "hug a teddy bear" feel. Her paws are attached with hidden access slits beneath her pads so that when I need to grasp something or am getting into suit, I have the ability to do so. Visibility and ventilation is among the best I've ever had in a suit. In her ears are hidden vents as well to help heat escape. Entry is via zipper in the back.

She has the most adorable tush tag sewn in that I designed and made myself with heat press vinyl. I'll get better pictures of the tag when I set up to do photos of her head on it's own. Her pads,claws, tongue, lips, and nose are all made with a super soft high quality minky. I wanted that "droopy lip" look that brown bears often get and feel like I nailed it! Her nose is heavily detailed with hand sewn details and nostrils. Yes, you can pick her nose! xD

Widget, my chihuahua, is always right up in the middle of what ever mom (me) is doing. I gently scooped him up and he laid right on my paw and belly for a quick photo :D

At this time I am not accepting any fullsuit commissions, my single slot is already filled. But I am open for plush, backpack, and prop commissions! If interested please email me at

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