Zeo Fox Fursuit by Bluewolfcheetah

Zeo Fox Fursuit


14 December 2017 at 17:31:13 MST

Completed fursuit for Zeo featuring his blue fox. Zeo was one of my very first commissioners from years back when I first started offering suits. He came back wanting a new updated suit of the same character, was happy to oblige!

Zeo was built on a foam base with a static jaw. There is a zipper entry in the back. His interior is 100% lined with a beautiful limited edition galaxy printed lycra. I still recommend you wear a balaclava for the simple fact it'll make keeping your suit clean much easier. ^^ My masks are lined for the simple fact I think it looks very nice, is more comfortable, and helps keep it clean.

I will take on a couple more partial fursuit commissions, or 1 fullsuit suit before I close for a while. If interested please take a moment to fill out the form to get a quote: https://www.kaylaskritterz.net/quote-form

If wanting a quote for something other than what is listed in the quote form please feel free to email me at Kaylaskritterz@yahoo.com

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