Large Toothless Plushie by Bluewolfcheetah

Large Toothless Plushie


30 November 2017 at 09:18:33 MST

I -hate- sitting idle and not doing SOMETHING. I've been waiting for about two weeks trying to get fabrics in so that I can work on customer's orders, battling with the post office trying to figure out WHERE the heck my order was. While trying to get that sorted out, I have been working on this guy just for fun. How to Train your Dragon is easily one of my most favorite animated films of all time. I -love- the character design and the overall designs of the dragons themselves. Nightfuries, especially, have a big spot in my heart.

So I made this adorable plush Toothless for myself just to practice with shapes I'd never done before. I'm very happy with how his head and eyes turned out especially, as well as his tail prosthetic. I'll probably end up putting the "harness" that helps keep the tail in place. Originally he was going to be an over the shoulder backpack for myself to take with me to conventions, but he ended up being too big for that and would slide off my shoulder even with strapping. So I removed the strap but left the bag compartment hidden in his belly to hold my treasures while I walk the con floor with him tucked in my arm.

I'm not currently accepting commissions for this plush, as it's very labor intensive and not something I want to make a bunch of. That being said, I will possibly make some Premades to sell later on. I haven't decided if this particular plush is for sale presently, as I'm kind of bonded with him. But if given the right offer, I could probably let him go.

He's made with super soft minky and has embroidered eyes. His wings are wired to hold their shape. He's about 3 feet in length maybe a little more, including his tail.

Want a custom commission? I'm open! Email me at with your reference and let me know what you'd like!

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