Broken (with video) by Bluewolfcheetah

Broken (with video)


24 July 2014 at 21:38:00 MDT

Something I have been working on for a long time. Spent most of the day today putting this little film together for your enjoyment.

I've had the painting finished since early this morning, and have spent all this time since refining the video and piecing it with suitable music for your enjoyment and in hopes that perhaps you'll learn a thing or two from it and my methods. I'm always experimenting and tweaking, trying new techniques and finding cool things out from just going with it. I found a way that I really enjoy creating fur texture with this painting.

This piece features one of my many original characters, August Alexander. My German clock maker. Part of his story is written in the description. I hope to someday be a novelist and children's book illustrator, but one step at a time. You may notice that his colors have changed since the coloring stage and the shading, but that was because I was tinkering with colors between sequences and didn't bother to film every last part of it haha. <--- you can watch the video of how I do it right there

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