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Special Announcement! 1 FULL FURSUIT OPENING

You heard right! I'm actually offering 1 full fursuit! I haven't taken one of these on in a long, long time and had vowed that I would more then likely never open for one again. But I've been having an itch to make one, and need to keep my hands busy! I'm offering 1 full fursuit, toony only. Very l…

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Commissions are OPEN! Limited slots!

I'm opening for commissions once more guys, things have slowed down as I try to get fabric orders for the handful that I've got going on so I'd like at least two more commissions to keep me busy! I'm open for the following: Non-anthro plushies Kigurumi (big -maybe- there, depends on character) Poke…

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Fursuit head mold for sale!

Last mold that I have available! Comes with mothermold/support shell. Realistic Canine Mold $200 plus shipping OBO Used to make both canines, and a bear! http://i857.photobucket.com/albums/ab139/BlueWolfCheetah/Realisticcaninemold_zpsfecc8b53.jpg Examples of masks made with it: http://bluewolfcheet…

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Open for 1 Large Plush!

I'd like to make another large semi-realistic/faux taxidermy style plush, and will offer a small discount to who ever gives me the opportunity to make another one. I enjoy the challenge of it! https://www.weasyl.com/submission/133940/zhon-s-fu We're talking that size, and that style guys. I might b…