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This is currently a sub account. My main account can be found on FA:
Follow me there where I update more often and post works in progress that you won't see here!

Hey, read my profile for some moderately useful information!

First up:
Knight (monstrous humanoids that look like suits of armor)
I use MS Paint... with a mouse
You may call me "Talix"

My Personality:
+I'm a geeky kid with a love for fantasy roleplay, armor suits, and skeletons.
+Introverted. You can start conversations with me, not the other way around.
+If I could sum myself up, I'm a "chill, glass-half-empty sort of guy."

My RP character and preferred persona:
Reference sheet:

Now then...

Welcome to my page! I draw lots of things like:
+original characters
+random video game ideas/8-bit stuff
+some perverted fantasies
+some video game fan-art
+and very rarely short comics and gifs

I won't draw:
-plenty of other things, ask if you want

I have a few interests:
+Video games: Tales of series, Etrian Odyssey series, Pokemon, Castlevania series, Earthbound, Resident Evil, quite a few others.
+Any awesome fan art of stuff I like
+Hangin' out with friends
+Fantasy roleplaying

Furry/fetishy related interests (I'm rather picky about these):
+Buff furry, scaly, or feathery characters, just don't over do it
+Demonic looking monsters, skeletons etc.
+Armor suits
+Being dominated, gentle to mild

Last few things:
*I draw gift art when I'm not making progress on my own work. If I like a character you have, I just might draw it without any warning of doing so until at least a sketch is done. I'll be sure to mention you with proper credit when it's posted.
*I'm borderline alcoholic. You might see me post a journal stating when I get drunk and I'll usually try to strike up some conversation just to liven my life up a bit.
*That's pretty much all I have left to say. If you want to talk or have questions, just Note me.

Latest Journal

Guess I Should Catch Up On Weasyl

Yeah... I'm gonna be posting some of my older works here to catch this account up to my FA account soon. I've just been very lazy in doing so~
I'm gonna start with my 8bit-ish monster sprites from my Knight & Rogue series, then I'll get to my actual drawings. It's a lot to go through. What a pain. Might start either later tonight or tomorrow.

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    Ugh, I know how that fanbase can be. They're always unpleasable, even when you pour on the service.

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      Oh hey! Lol that's just a general quote I use for anything really.
      Out of curiosity, how did you find my stream? I THINK during the stream you mentioned that you don't have an FA account, which is where I posted that I was streaming. Didn't notify on Weasyl.

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        Jed did, via the Telegram group chat he's in.

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          Ah, got it. Yay word spreading~

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    Hey, man! What's up? How you doing, and all that jazz?

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      Oh, hi. Nothin' much, hangin' in there.

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    I'm all about that Necromancer.