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This is currently a sub account. My main account can be found on FA:
Follow me there where I update more often and post works in progress that you won't see here!

Hey, read my profile for some moderately useful information!

First up:
Knight (monstrous humanoids that look like suits of armor)
I use MS Paint... with a mouse
You may call me "Talix"

My Personality:
+I'm a geeky kid with a love for fantasy roleplay, armor suits, and skeletons.
+Introverted. You can start conversations with me, not the other way around.
+If I could sum myself up, I'm a "chill, glass-half-empty sort of guy."

My RP character and preferred persona:
Reference sheet:

Now then...

Welcome to my page! I draw lots of things like:
+original characters
+random video game ideas/8-bit stuff
+some perverted fantasies
+some video game fan-art
+and very rarely short comics and gifs

I won't draw:
-plenty of other things, ask if you want

I have a few interests:
+Video games: Tales of series, Etrian Odyssey series, Pokemon, Castlevania series, Earthbound, Resident Evil, quite a few others.
+Any awesome fan art of stuff I like
+Hangin' out with friends
+Fantasy roleplaying

Furry/fetishy related interests (I'm rather picky about these):
+Buff furry, scaly, or feathery characters, just don't over do it
+Demonic looking monsters, skeletons etc.
+Armor suits
+Being dominated, gentle to mild

Last few things:
*I draw gift art when I'm not making progress on my own work. If I like a character you have, I just might draw it without any warning of doing so until at least a sketch is done. I'll be sure to mention you with proper credit when it's posted.
*I'm borderline alcoholic. You might see me post a journal stating when I get drunk and I'll usually try to strike up some conversation just to liven my life up a bit.
*That's pretty much all I have left to say. If you want to talk or have questions, just Note me.

Latest Journal

Guess I Should Catch Up On Weasyl

on 22 May 2016 at 18:34:42 MDT

Yeah... I'm gonna be posting some of my older works here to catch this account up to my FA account soon. I've just been very lazy in doing so~
I'm gonna start with my 8bit-ish monster sprites from my Knight & Rogue series, then I'll get to my actual drawings. It's a lot to go through. What a pain. Might start either later tonight or tomorrow.

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    Ugh, I know how that fanbase can be. They're always unpleasable, even when you pour on the service.

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      Oh hey! Lol that's just a general quote I use for anything really.
      Out of curiosity, how did you find my stream? I THINK during the stream you mentioned that you don't have an FA account, which is where I posted that I was streaming. Didn't notify on Weasyl.

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        Jed did, via the Telegram group chat he's in.

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    Hey, man! What's up? How you doing, and all that jazz?

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      Oh, hi. Nothin' much, hangin' in there.

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    I'm all about that Necromancer.