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I have a Ko-fi page to accept small tipety tips, all tips are appreciated!

Hello, I draw stuff for fun. I also take commissions too quite often as well. You can also find me on fA and dA (sometimes I am on tumblr as well), I am usually the most active on dA though. I am new to this site so excuse my stupidity.
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Commissions will be opened later this month

Heyo! This is a little heads up for the folks who are interested in getting a commission that I will be open for new commission work in a week or two!

Here are the prices:

Speedpaint -> ~100 euro (

Character without/minimal background -> ~220 euro (

Landscape concept -> ~220 euro (

Partial scene illustration - > ~350 euro (,

Full scene illustration -> ~500 euro and up ( ,

Other -> Ask! (,

Landscape/Scene commissions will be priced on a case by case basis, but they would generally be around 500 euro.

If you do not have the funds for the tier that you would like to get, get in touch and we can perhaps figure out a way to make it work.


  • What is a "minimal" background?

Minimal background is something I am able to do in less than an hour, such as wisps of smoke, small patch of land under/around the character. It is something you can describe in one or two words. The character + minimal background tier is generally used for character concepts and visualizations.

  • What is the difference between a partial and full scene?

A partial scene features a character or characters as the prominent feature of the illustration, the background or anything around the character(s) is more or less for flavor and are not in focus and can be painted in a rougher and less detailed way. How a partial scene differs from a minimal background is that in a partial scene the background is still an essential aspect of the illustration, casting light and shadows on the character as well as contributing to the composition.

  • What category do Portraits/busts fall into?

They would likely be in the speedpaints category in terms of pricing if they are a fairly standard bust painting without any other frills. However if you are looking for something special added to them, they would be in the "other" category, so just send me a message and I will figure it out for you!

  • What category do character reference sheets fall into?

They would be in the "Other" category as they tend to vary a lot in terms of complexity.

  • Can I reserve a slot even if I do not have the funds yet?

Yes, however be sure to ask beforehand so I can schedule you accordingly.

  • What makes the price go up?

How busy the scene is, amount of characters in focus, challenging architecture, detail oriented scenery.

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    Thanks for the follow :)

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    me encanta toda tu galería sobretodo el tema de los dragonianos

    PD: me darías consejos o ayuda para mejorar en mis dibujos furry?

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    Heyo! Still really diggin' your work, and thank you for continuing to upkeep such a wide breadth of sites to find your content on!
    Dunno if you've caught wind of it already, but PostyBirb might help you out some with multi-site posting at least!

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      Thanks duder! Have you tried that app personally? It sounds quite promising, but I am always a bit iffy about apps wherein I have to provide my passwords, granted that is a must in that app considering its function.

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        Yep! I've been using the application for quite some time now - almost a year as August comes up! The application doesn't store your password, it just utilizes the login status of the browser session it opens.

        Other artists who frequent these sites have been using it as well! If you've additional questions, the developer has a Discord server that you can visit to learn more! I'd also be happy to answer any questions you have if I'm able to!

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          Thanks for the additional info, I do appreciate it! I'll give the app a more serious look and see if I can get myself accustomed with it :)

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    You have an incredible art style

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    Thanks for faving my piece :)