I make small drawings of abstracts, daily life, and some animals as a hobby. I try to update on here whenever its possible.

I'm not a member of any type of fandom (not really into anything these days). Since I'm in a place mostly devoted to Furries; I prefer clean type artwork that is usually cute or interesting.

  • My main connection is a prepaid cellphone, so its mostly the preview images here to save bandwidth.

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A Furry Question

on 27 August 2017 at 18:19:31 MDT

Not a question for here more of a statement.

While drawing some tiny practice work from a photo before clocking in. A co-worker asked if I was a "Furry"... I'm in a small town, (I heard them saying their kid was a furry, but wondered if I heard properly that day). Not just a furry, but took them to the Furry Migration too... I said "No" but that I knew about them (was waiting for furry sarcastic jokes from other workers but surprisingly silent). After asking later I found they loved the convention and they want to stay the whole time next-year.

But why am I not a fur? First, Abstract/Stil Life and Landscape are supposed to be 1st/2nd and animals 3rd and last people at 4th. I feel I align with a lot of the introversion in the fandom being a quiet type. Still, from what I see in the profiles and artwork I feel I cannot really fit into the fandom personally. Yet since I like how furries draw some animal characters and finding a generally friendly place I feel that keeps me interested but more as an observer.

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    Thank you so much for the favorite!

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      Your welcome :).

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    Thank you for the follow and all! :D

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    Thank you for following! Your style is incredible! Right away when i opened your page it caught me by suprise because it isn't the same-old same-old! Its wonderful and clean and refreshing! I love it!
    Thank you for doing amazing art!!

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      I don't know what to say other then thank you. And adding I was really surprised to see such an enthusiastic comment in my messages this morning.

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        <3 you're just refreshing! I'm happy :3