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Horrors of the silent woods by themefinland

Horrors of the silent woods


"The silent woods are a large swath of land filled with rot wood in between several large outposts and cities, making it a popular trading route. For a sense of its size, for a carriage it would take four days to cross it from its southern edge to reach its northern point, around two days if one was going from west to east. This travel would be mostly spent in twilight and dark, as the rot wood creates a dense foliage and attracts fog with its damp atmosphere. Over the decades small towns had cropped up inside it alongside the trade routes to accommodate the traveling hunters, merchants and travelers. Something was growing in these woods however, and eventually word got out that the woods were not safe to travel through, as an exceptional amount of memos of missing caravans and people began to propagate. At first they tried the obvious, to send more guards alongside each caravan of goods, but soon it became evident that even those were not enough and that they were losing far more than they gained. The rumors of beasts the size of houses and the ferocity of ten angry bears spread far and wide and eventually nobody wanted to be the ones holding the bag when it came to having to move material through the place or just having to go there. The settlements and towns withered up, moss grew over them and the land claimed back what was hers. These settlements were the last thing that would give even mild comfort as places of sleep and rest. Eventually Nobody wanted to go there and nobody wanted to send anyone there.

Except, intrepid looters, or more professionally speaking, treasure hunters. The amount of lost property that ended up in the paths of the woods was impressive and an attractive lure for those with confidence or a low sense of self preservation. Abandoned villages certainly could hold some value in them, but the carriages were usually the ones containing the most precious of loot. Broken down things on the sides of roads or abandoned a bit farther in the forest, torn apart by some large beast or beasts. Nasty bit of business it was, more often than not one would find the rotting remains of what used to be workers for the trade companies, and oftentimes these looters were implored in the public to find and identify people who were claimed by the forest. It would be a far too common scene, where one of the looters would be sifting through a destroyed carriage or a rotten house for anything valuable, until deep in the forest they would hear a chorus of wolf howling. A howl that sounds like a combination of screams and a deep, unnaturally deep howling. It is indeed true, that at the locations deepest in the woods, with potential for the most valuable loot, the corpses tend not to be so rotten.

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    Well that's suitably horrifying. Reminds me of Innistrad.