Jorwyn, the gilded father by themefinland

Jorwyn, the gilded father


15 September 2019 at 08:35:55 MDT

"Jorwyn, in his time, was one of the eight barons ruling the outer districts. He was widely to be believed to be Ukko himself due to miraculously surviving what was meant to be an excruciating death.

After the war between the Capital and the outer districts had been brought to an abrupt end by the obliteration of the heart of the capital region, the 8 barons now saw the power vacuum that had appeared. Vying for the rule of what remained of the empire of the albino dragonoids, the barons, now all weakened from their war efforts, set their sights upon one another. Some of the districts were now far weaker than others, especially those that were smaller and with a larger border line with the capital. These districts had suffered massive causalities, not only from the war, but more so from the implosion that ended it.

To add to the chaos, the people at large had become more afraid of those who practiced dark magic. Fears of another implosion of such scale spread out amongst the population, the lack of understanding what or how dark magic functioned only served to feed these fears. Many of those serving in the outstrider bands, the groups of dark magic users that fought with the outer districts, had perished, but many still remained. Some could see the writing on the wall and fled, while others thought that they could live their lives more normally from now on that they had proved themselves in the war. Many of them were thrown in dungeons to be forgotten or executed outright if they were seen as a potential future threat.

While the people were afraid and tired as a consequence of the war, it would only worsen from here on out. Skirmishes between the outer districts became the norm, the entire empire plunged into a dark age as technology was destroyed and people were eager to forget the empire that used to be. Umi was abandoned by many of the districts and Ukko became the peoples new god. However the majority of the population in four of the districts would continue to hold fast onto Umi, creating two sides to the chaos, at least on a religious level.

Jorwyn was not unlike the other barons in the sense that he too desired to become the new ruler of the ruined empire. His district was the farthest east from the capital and had the least borders with it, leaving it relatively strong. Indeed, this painted a target on his back, while some of the barons would try to ally with him, he would never be able to know which of them had a dagger hidden behind their backs. Indeed it would be so, that one night, a group of assassins would break into his home and drag him out to a hill near his home, where he would be tortured to death. It would be likely that the assassins were from one of the districts who still worshiped Umi before Ukko, as the method of killing was to pour mercury in his mouth. Next day when his corpse was found however, that the mercury had turned into gold and from the wounds which were inflicted upon him gold was seeping out as well. That was not the most miraculous part, as in the next few days he would recover fully, but his wounds would never heal properly and would constantly bleed out gold.

As the news about this spread, four of the outer districts would immediately recognize Jorwyn as their new emperor. While this was welcome news and reduced the warring between these four districts, this would give the other half that still worshiped Umi a reason to band together against the four districts which had allied with each other.

This would lead to the war of the outer districts and the disappearance of the albino dragonoids from their gene pool and from the destruction, the birth of the southern dragonoids. As a counterpart to them, those who had already settled far into the northern mountains and swamps would later be known as the northern dragonoids."

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    Strong imagery, crisp colors and lines, we absolutely love this work! (And he's so big and majestic!).