Huntress Mesia by themefinland

Huntress Mesia


1 September 2019 at 07:46:04 MDT

"Huntress Mesia was legendary archer who famously only ever carried a single arrow. Once she was challenged to a sharpshooting contest by an arrogant hunter, with the bid being her golden arrow. The challenge was to fell as many fruits from the trees as possible with their arrows. As the arrogant hunter began firing his arrows she watched as the fruits fell into the snow. At the last second she readied her bow and let her arrow loose, and when she did it flew out and beyond their sight. The hunter was sure of his victory as he counted the fruits in the snow to count as high as 12. After his count he ran to where the golden arrow had flew. Mesia followed her challenger with a calm demeanor towards where the arrow had flown. More than two hundred paces away they found her arrow sticking out of a tree, and below it a huge pile of fruits, at least ten fold to what the hunter had fell. Mesia said that the hunter had not told her what she would gain if she beat him in this competition, but as he wanted something so dear to her, and that she beat him ten times over, she would take ten of his fingers as a price. After all, what is more precious to a hunter than his fingers! The hunter pleaded for her not to. Well, she said, what about two of your eyes? Would that be fair? The hunter pleaded her even more strongly not to! Hmm, she thought, how about just your head? Oh no no, please no! The hunter pleaded stronger than ever. Very well then, she said to the hunter, I shall take the last silver arrow left inside your quiver, the rest of which you shot you may go and search for in the snow. However next time I would lecture you to be wary of the hunter with a single arrow, for you can be certain that they master that singular arrow better than those who carry a dozen."

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    Love this style!

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    What an interesting angular style, I love it! XD