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Hey, furries of Weasyl! I am just a normal guy who is new to the furry fandom and is looking for friends to chat with. I'm currently open for some roleplaying with quite a few of the characters whom my brain has birthed into existence, but let me warn you, I'm still getting the hang of most of this stuff. Also, I may also post some original music up here if you're interested in hearing some nice background music and/or supporting an up-and-coming artist.

Warning:If you guys feel like thanking me for watching you or favoriting your stuff, I'd like you to add a little something else to that message, like so: "Thanks for the fave! What did you think?" Just get us talking, and make it fun and meaningful for the both of us. The reason why I ask that is because I find that too many artists just say their piece and leave, unlikely to ever cross paths with again. Therefore, if such empty, meaningless comments as "thanks for the fav," or "thx 4 the +watch lol" pop up, they will not last any longer than a day. Rest assured, if I did watch you or put your art in my favorites, you do deserve it, and I wish you the best in your endeavors. No, really, I do!


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New Hobbies and New 'Sonas

Over the year or so that I was a part of the fandom, I was happy with searching and looking at art from all kinds of artists, and admiring it for all that it is. But one day, I was bored, and had no Internet, so I took a piece of paper and a pen, and started drawing circles on it. Then I added even more circles and drew lines on it, erasing extra stuff as I went, until I ended up with a short, anthro lizard. Then, hungry for more, I connected my tablet to my computer and, from that point on, my craze for art really started kicking in, as I looked at everything that got my interest and put it all into Krita. Then I'd exit without saving and start all over again.

One constant out of all my art was my lizard sona, who is named Rizakezal, or Ezal for short. As a young boy who was almost a man, he was sent out to the wild to hunt for gazelle as large and as bountiful as possible to test his skill at feeding his tribe of savage warriors. When all he came back with was a broken spear and not a shred of meat, the chief elder was displeased at how useless Ezal was compared to the rest of the warriors, and excommunicated him, telling him to never come back. The poor lizardkin was forced to walk the desert in one direction for many moons, without much food, or water, or any sign of sentient life... that is, until he reached the mountains, and met a large red dragon with curly horns, who he came to know as Jed.

Some time in the future, I plan to expand on this story a bit. Also, since I started drawing, I want to keep on doing it and learn how to do it better. And I think the best way is by sharing my ideas with more experienced artists and/or writers, and just keep on growing as a person in general. As for some of my new doodles, I'll be submitting them shortly.

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    Haha, thanks for the faves! You got first! XD

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      Yep. You keep those fingers doing their musical magic!

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    Thanks for the fav! I love your music and your characters. My name is Riley

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      Hi, Riley! ^u^

      It makes me really glad to see that you're listening to my stuff! If there's anything you'd like me to do to be a better musician, let me know! It also helps me if you spread the word; I'm always looking for people who also like making music.

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        Sure thing! I don't have any followers on here yet since I just joined, but I'll try to spread the word.

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    Hey, thanks for the follow. Can't say you you should be too excited for new uploads these days, but regardless.

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      Oh, I thought I followed you a while back. Saw your story with the rat and the coyote, I believe? Loved it!

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    is scary for the halloweenies, yes
    Thanks Jed! You're still awake too I see.