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Honeebunny / 31 / non-binary / united states

hello :3
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Trades: Closed
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is anyone here?

is anyone even on weasyl anymore? if so, what kind of stuff do you want to see? i'm slowly getting back into drawing, but i'm far too lazy to cross post everything everywhere, so i'm just going to post a few things on different sites. twitter currently gets everything, and fa gets all of the digita…

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one large commission open!

i'm opening one large commission slot, for the things i normally won't offer because they cost too much/take too long. price: $145 usd. payment up front, paypal only, no e-checks, all that jazz. available commissions for this: (choose one) ~a ref sheet with front and back views, color palette, 4 ch…

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haven't been over here in forever, because my laptop died and then my backup laptop died too, and all of my bookmarks were gone. if anyone's ever interested in what's happening in my life, you should check my fa journals. cuz i update there more than anywhere else. potentially convenient link: http…

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bye for a little while, hopefully i'll be back soon!

edit: our landlady decided to let us stay a while longer. we're still trying to find somewhere else to live and packing, though; we're not taking the change of heart for granted. taking a break from my packing to write this, so that i don't end up forgetting in the morning when i'm done packing and…

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real-life problems, and probably streaming tonight

yesterday (on fa), i posted a journal saying i wasn't streaming because of rl stuff, and probably wouldn't be today, either. well, i am hoping to stream tonight (as long as i don't fall asleep haha), and i'm going to stream as much as possible from now on, with art streams on their usual schedule,…

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stream cancelled

stream is cancelled for tonight, because my laptop is apparently against me drawing today. at first it wouldn't even recognize that there was a tablet installed (even though it's part of the laptop), so i restarted it. i tested it to make sure it was working after i restarted it, and it was. so i r…

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snowy winter icon commissions available!

edit: the laptop that i animated these on died, so the animated ones are unavailable until i can get the item i need to save my files, sorry! so, for the first time ever, i'm offering icon commissions! i mean, you could've gotten a regular picture and resized it like an icon before, but these are m…

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two character design commission slots open!

so, i'm trying to earn enough money to buy the materials to make christmas presents, and decided that i'd offer a couple of custom character commissions to try and get it, since a few people have expressed interest in them before. these can be kemonomimis or anthros, and they're fully custom, no ba…

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2 free iron artist slots! (contest-y thing)

that's right, i decided that i'm going to give away the last two slots in my iron artist! of course, you want to know how you can get them, right? well, here's the info: slot #99[/u] this slot will go to whoever refers the most people to my iron artist! you can go about this however you want- a jou…

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commission prices

here is a written-out version of my commission prices, just in case. all prices are in usd. other currencies that i may accept are deviantart points, gaia gold, and second life linden. please inquire if you wish to pay with one of those. ~*regular commissions*~[/u] sketch portrait $3 | bust $6 | ha…

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terms of service

updated 5/27/18 this is a list of the most important information that you should read before commissioning me; yes, even more important than the price sheet. by commissioning me, you signify that you have read and understand everything in this journal, and that you agree to the terms provided. ~*pr…

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adoptable rules

here are the rules/policies for adoptables purchased from me. this includes the collaborative ones with melangetic. once purchased, you may: ~re-post the original art, with credit in the original post ~change the design (looks, gender, species, etc.) ~resell the character ~use for commercial purpos…

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i need suggestions please!

i need suggestions, please. what kind of stuff do you guys want to see from me? what kind of commissions should i do, or are adoptables better? should i try 'your character here' poses, or auctions? maybe make another limited species (or make some more of the collab kirin, since there are only thre…

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all commissions are open!

i realized that i never really posted it, but all of my commissions are open, not just the bronze artist and high detail ones :3 for regular commission info, go here: for bronze artist: for high detail: http://w…

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bronze artist now open!

**if you're on furaffinity, i would prefer going through there, as that's my main account** that's right, i'm doing a bronze artist challenge, and it's now open! all the info will be in this journal :3 theme the theme for this challenge is fashion design! because that's what i love to do, but nobod…