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one large commission open! by Honeebunny

i'm opening one large commission slot, for the things i normally won't offer because they cost too much/take too long.

price: $145 usd. payment up front, paypal only, no e-checks, all that jazz.

available commissions for this: (choose one)

~a ref sheet with front and back views, color palette, 4 chibi outfit slots, 3 expression slots, 3-4 accessories and/or marking closeups, and two alternate hairstyles. example

~a properly lined, fully colored and detailed fullbody image with background (very old) example

~an off-base character design with a basic ref and 4-5 outfits (depending on complexity) and 2-3 accessories

~something else (you come up with an idea of something else you want me to draw, and we can discuss it. tutorials? a bunch of smaller things? a pair of ears and a tail? who knows, not me!)

i can stream the whole process (as long as it's digital art), though i keep odd hours and my streams do go offline semi-frequently due to connection issues; this should only be considered a bonus, but the offer's there if anyone wants it.

if you're interested in this, please make sure to read and understand my terms of service before claiming. please do not ignore this and say you read it, because it's there for both our sakes.

i think that's everything, but feel free to comment/ask questions/etc.!

one large commission open!


31 May 2016 at 20:51:11 MDT

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