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terms of service by Honeebunny

updated 5/27/18

this is a list of the most important information that you should read before commissioning me; yes, even more important than the price sheet. by commissioning me, you signify that you have read and understand everything in this journal, and that you agree to the terms provided.


please be aware that my price guide is just that- a guide. most things should fall under the prices listed; however, i will need a full description, with any references and specifics, before i can give you a final quote.

all payment is up front. cash is via paypal only; other currencies (gaia gold, deviantart points, etc.) are through their respective websites. paypal is preferred, and i reserve the right to refuse other forms of payment. cash is in USD (united states dollars) only. paying the paypal fee is appreciated, but not mandatory. however, all paypal payments MUST be sent as services, or they will be returned. if you don't know how to do this, then ask, and i will explain.

for auctions: there will be no refunds

for other art: full refunds will not be given once a project has been started, unless -i- choose to cancel the commission. if you decide that you don't want what you ordered anymore, then let me know as soon as possible, and i will give you a refund minus the amount of how far i've gotten; or, in the case of physical objects, minus the cost of materials.

i may take up to a month to complete any commission, unless stated otherwise. if i think a commission will take longer than that, then i will warn you before payment. if you need it done by a specific date, especially if it's less than a month away, then let me know. i will tell you if i think it's possible; however, giving me a date less than one month from commissioning me will incur a rush fee, relative to the size of the commission and how fast you want it done.


generally, if you are commissioning me, then you should be comfortable with my style. asking me to draw in a style other than my own will incur an additional fee, relative to the particular style you want me to imitate.

i will not draw adult art, or art that is mature due to anatomically correct nudity. i will draw clean or tasteful nudity, where 'adult bits' are either hidden or not present. for anything else, feel free to ask; as a warning, though, i won't draw most fetishes.

all commission requests should be either through comments or notes. for notes, please put something in the title that labels it as about a commission. when inquiring, i can give you an idea of the price range it should be in with the basic concept; however, the final quote won't be given until i have all of the information, details, references, etc. also, please include an email address if you would like the full-size version upon completion.

when sending payment, please include your fa/da name somewhere so that i know who it's from.

~*traditional art*~
Please be aware that for traditional art, I will match colors to the best of my ability, but I'm working with a very limited number of colors, and they may appear different on my screen than yours.
Also, I am currently -NOT- mailing original copies; however, I will take multiple pictures of close-ups or different lighting if requested.

~*i reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason, or to cancel any commission and provide a refund instead.*~

i believe that's all for now. however, please double check to make sure nothing's changed before commissioning me. if you have any questions, then feel free to ask.

terms of service


14 August 2013 at 19:42:48 MDT

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