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i need suggestions please! by Honeebunny

i need suggestions, please. what kind of stuff do you guys want to see from me? what kind of commissions should i do, or are adoptables better? should i try 'your character here' poses, or auctions? maybe make another limited species (or make some more of the collab kirin, since there are only three of them so far)? should i work more on 'real' things, like jewelry, ears and tails? please help me out. i haven't sold -anything- for a month and a half now, and this IS my job. and no, getting a 'real job' isn't an option; i'm physically incapable. i'm working on a new base for adopts, so hopefully that'll be out soon, and maybe bring some interest. i'm also thinking about changing around my bronze artist so it can be less expensive, since i started it three weeks ago and haven't sold a single slot yet. i'm open to suggestions.

anyways, thanks for reading this, comments are welcome as always.

i need suggestions please!


11 June 2013 at 10:05:36 MDT

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    Hmmm.... I think you should focus on doing chibi adopts (Like this one you did, it was really cute!), "Your Character Here" and Bronze Artist things. You could always start up a small free art raffle to bring in newer folks while working on the Bronze Artist, just have to post it on both FA and here. :)

    I guess its just personal preference, but I've found doing physical items is a bit troublesome because you have to ship it. (Some furs have the problem that they can't/don't want to give out their address because they're younger and don't want family members finding out, and just the worry of it being lost in the mail)

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      i actually stopped making those critters with any regularity because nobody ever bought them. i think i've sold like, maybe three ever. i'll definitely try some ych things if i can come up with some good poses NULL and i'm in the process of reworking my bronze artist; i'm hoping that people might be interested if it's more affordable.

      and yeah, shipping is the main reason i haven't done much in the way of physical stuff yet. shipping causes all kinds of problems NULL

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        ugh why's it hate my smilies so much?

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          I... don't know. It's doing that all over the site, maybe they're working on integrating site smilies?

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            i hope they're cool ones if so. almost every site i'm on has the lamest smilies ever ._.;

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              Lol, I know, right? Makes you not even want to put in emotes. xD

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                i'll go out of my way to avoid them on those sites |3

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        Really now? I thought stuff like that sold like hotcakes!

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          i had thought they would, since they were pretty cute and not too expensive, but i guess not. i made cute little bunnies not that long ago, too, but after the first batch only a couple sold.