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two character design commission slots open! by Honeebunny

so, i'm trying to earn enough money to buy the materials to make christmas presents, and decided that i'd offer a couple of custom character commissions to try and get it, since a few people have expressed interest in them before. these can be kemonomimis or anthros, and they're fully custom, no base used. you can give me a specific idea you want, or just a few ideas of things you'd like in it and artistic freedom.

here's what you get:

one fully body, flat colored picture of your new character, with a color palette

price: $26 usd each

adoptable rules and terms of service

please fill out this form and comment below if you'd like a spot:

anthro or kemonomimi:


species: (a mix is fine; or, if you don't care about a specific species, but want say, long ears and a fluffy tail, that can go here too.)

color palette: (if you have specific colors you want, please[/b] give me a palette to work with. this is a good site for palettes if you don't already have one.)

any design specifics: (spots, stripes, gradients, etc.)

anything you really want included:

anything you really don't want included:

artistic freedom?: (yes/no. this is more if you have a few things you want on it, but don't care so much about species or specifics.)

did you read and agree to my adoptable rules and tos?:




i think that's all for now :3 thank you for reading this.


two character design commission slots open!


30 November 2013 at 09:33:02 MST

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