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real-life problems, and probably streaming tonight by Honeebunny

yesterday (on fa), i posted a journal saying i wasn't streaming because of rl stuff, and probably wouldn't be today, either. well, i am hoping to stream tonight (as long as i don't fall asleep haha), and i'm going to stream as much as possible from now on, with art streams on their usual schedule, and hopefully game streams in the morning(ish). the real-life stuff i had to deal with today was going to court with my mom, to see if we were going to be evicted from our house. we were, and now have 90 days to move out. this is easier said than done, as the area we live in is predominantly for rich people and tourists, and we aren't either; also, we have quite a few pets, which are necessary for our mental health, and nowhere around here likes animals. so, i'm going to do my best to try and make as much money as possible, to go towards first/last/security on a new place, or our electric bill, or some other expense related to having a place to live, food to eat, and season-appropriate clothes. i'm going to start trying to make some little decorations or hairpieces or the like out of beads and wire, probably making more adopts whenever i can think of new designs (i'm sorry to anyone who doesn't like them, though i think the vast majority of my watchers are from seeing me post adopts), and basically whatever else i can think of with what i have or can get. any help is greatly appreciated, my commissions are always open. even just spreading the word is helpful, or helping me keep my morale up by watching me stream when you're bored. i appreciate it all, thank you very much in advance!

real-life problems, and probably streaming tonight


27 February 2014 at 15:06:49 MST

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