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bye for a little while, hopefully i'll be back soon! by Honeebunny

edit: our landlady decided to let us stay a while longer. we're still trying to find somewhere else to live and packing, though; we're not taking the change of heart for granted.

taking a break from my packing to write this, so that i don't end up forgetting in the morning when i'm done packing and exhausted. as of tomorrow, my mom and i will be homeless, and we still have no clue where we're going or what we're doing. which also means i have no clue when i'll have internet access/electricity after tomorrow morning. luckily, this is a tourist trap, so there are areas with free wifi; but depending on where we end up, i might not be able to get to them, if they're too far away. i just wanted to post a notice so that if anyone contacts me, they don't think i'm ignoring them. i'll do my best to check online as often as i can, if i can at all. maybe if i'm lucky, this'll all be over in a couple of days and most of you won't even realize that i was gone ^.^

bye for now

bye for a little while, hopefully i'll be back soon!


26 May 2014 at 23:06:20 MDT

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    Do take care of yourself, while you are gone.

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      thanks :3 turns out, our landlord decided to let us stay for a while longer, so we've still got a roof over our heads and stuff ^.^