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2 free iron artist slots! (contest-y thing) by Honeebunny

that's right, i decided that i'm going to give away the last two slots in my iron artist! of course, you want to know how you can get them, right? well, here's the info:

slot #99[/u]

this slot will go to whoever refers the most people to my iron artist! you can go about this however you want- a journal, talking to your friends, whatever floats your boat as long as it's within the tos. if you get someone to buy a slot, then tell them to put your name in the referral area! when the remaining 94 slots have been sold, i'll add up all the referrals, and whoever gets the most gets this slot!


of course, it's not very nice to not reward the people who are helping me out by buying stuff, right? this spot is for whoever buys the most slots in my iron artist. just a little thank you for helping me out so much! :3

one person -can- win them both, if it happens that way. (however, you can't buy one and say you referred yourself- that'd be cheating!)

okay, i think that's all for now :3

2 free iron artist slots! (contest-y thing)


26 August 2013 at 09:44:19 MDT

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