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bronze artist now open! by Honeebunny

**if you're on furaffinity, i would prefer going through there, as that's my main account**

that's right, i'm doing a bronze artist challenge, and it's now open! all the info will be in this journal :3


the theme for this challenge is fashion design! because that's what i love to do, but nobody ever asks me to design clothes for their characters, so that's what this is all about!

what you get

a fully colored and detailed refined sketch of your character, in an outfit i design for them. size is around 3375x4288 pixels (big enough to print out on 8.5''x11'' in full detail). example:


$26.50 usd, +$20 for additional character (limit 2 characters)

characters with extra appendages (wings, tails, etc.) will either incur an extra fee or be less detailed, your choice.

payment up front via paypal- please include your fa name in the message area. also, please make sure that you go to address -> no address needed before sending.

terms of service (below the red line)

if you're interested, then please fill out this form and comment it here, in this journal. (if it's a surprise, you can note me, but keep in mind it will be posted when finished.):

character name:   
inspirational theme/s for clothes\*: (optional)  
a bit of their personality:  
any specific dos/don'ts: (optional)

i have read and agree to the information in this journal, including the terms of service that is linked to:  

*themes for clothes will be inspirational only[/b][/u]. clothes will be my take on whatever style or styles. (if you give me two, i'll mix them together)

all finished pictures will be posted on my account. there will be no progress shots, and i won't go back and make changes unless i missed something that you put in the form. if you would like a specific pose, then link me to a picture of that pose in the form, and i'll let you know if i think it's doable; otherwise, i'll choose.

there will be an 'official' price sheet soon, when i have a couple more examples, but i figured i'd give you guys (aka my watchers) a head start :3


  1. ...

thanks for reading, questions and comments are welcome as always :3

bronze artist now open!


23 May 2013 at 16:23:18 MDT

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    You mean a head start, right?

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      yeah i do, i fixed it in my other journal but forgot to fix it here x3 thanks! :3