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So... It's been a couple weeks

Yeah... Sorry about the lack of uploads. I've got stories to upload, I just haven't finished their thumbnails or written their descriptions yet. I've had other things on my mind, I only just got rechargeable batteries for my pen tablet, and being kept awake during the day has left me rather exhaust…

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Indefinite upload hiatus… again

So… I'm frustrated beyond belief right now. I have to put myself on indefinite hiatus (again), thanks to things well beyond my control. Constant distractions and shit happening IRL make it impossible for me to work on anything. I recently lost one of my uncles. I'm being pressured by extended famil…

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Another week off, and an explanaiton

So, it looks like I'll be taking off for next week as well. Why didn't I get anything done this week? Well, here's the thing: I tried to. See, last Friday (Sept. 28) my grandfather's brother passed away. I live with my grandfather, so I had to help out quite a bit. Said grandfather is the last of 1…

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Note: No uploads on 10-2 or 10-4

I was going to take the next week off anyway, but due to family-related matters, I definitely won't be uploading on 10-2 or 10-4. Thank you for your patience.

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More continuity-based stories

Yeah… Something I decided a while back was that I'd write more stories with continuity, and fewer random one-offs. Most of the stories I've been posting happen at various points in the Re-Con timeline. Not necessarily one after another, as I don't have exact dates for them. But that continuity will…

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No uploads for a bit

So… As discovered by my mate Sildrae, my eyes are straining to a dangerous point. It's actually painful to type this out at the moment, as my eyes aren't wanting to focus. As I can't really do anything until this is fixed, I'll be postponing uploads until I can get new glasses or something. Sorry,…

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Week off

No uploads this week. Been a busy last couple of days for me, and Sunday saw me wasted enough that I could hardly keep awake during the day. Gonna be doing my new host duty on Second Life (Montecito Bay, Wednesdays at 6-8 SL Time with DJ Sildrae), and I'm gonna try and get done with my custom Cutie…

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Upload days

Just to let everyone know, starting next week, uploads will be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays in US Central Time. I was going to go for M/W/F, but now I've got a little something to do on Wednesday nights on Second Life, and possibly on some other nights when a certain supersilverdraco needs me, so…

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Plans Going Forward

So, you may have noticed the Ko-Fi link. From what I can tell, as long as I don't upload my stories to Ko-fi's servers, I should be fine. As such, I will be adding the link to the description of each story from now on. I want to make writing my career, and funding will help that, as it'll take the…

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The Future

So... I'm currently working on plans that I hope to enact next month. Plans to make my writing career a possibility where other attempts have failed. I plan on making it an actual job. One that's irrefutably a job that I can be proud of, and will be seen as a job in the eyes of those where it'll ma…

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Quick update about streaming

So... About me streaming more of my stories... Long story short, Windows 10 is now more unstable than Windows Vista ever was, and because I can't install anything else on my laptop, I'm not sure how well I'll be able to stream. I'm currently backing things up onto my external drive, just to make su…

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Telegram Channel

https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE4bwSo_UgTVQ5Zwpg I now have a Telegram channel where I'll announce new uploads, as well as when I begin streaming. More on the latter some other time, as I need to relax for a while.

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Do NOT trust Twitter right now

Seriously, people. This is bad. Do NOT trust Twitter (the company and platform) right now. On top of the recent "shadowbans" where people can't see what you post, and the fact that people were being placed in this state for saying "thank you"(seriously?)... Now we have this: https://twitter.com/Dan…

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Note: I update my Dreamwidth more than anything

So, I may have mentioned this before, but I update my Dreamwidth blog more than any of my art site journals. You can find it here: https://starseerdrgn.dreamwidth.org/ Once I start working more on my writing and game stuff again, I'll be posting updates on my new "studio" blog here: https://starwin…

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Well, that just sucked...

So... I've been [i]trying[/i] to get around to doing things with my game dev and writing stuff. I really want to work (before it drives me nuts from sleep deprivation)... But life hasn't exactly been cooperating with me. I'm still getting a lot of distractions, and my problem is that I need momentu…