So... It's been a couple weeks by GallowsGryph

Yeah... Sorry about the lack of uploads. I've got stories to upload, I just haven't finished their thumbnails or written their descriptions yet. I've had other things on my mind, I only just got rechargeable batteries for my pen tablet, and being kept awake during the day has left me rather exhausted and grumpy, even if I haven't been showing it in meatspace. Between having to deal with family medical issues (my uncle had eye surgery, and another one is scheduled for the end of the month), getting distracted and interrupted by people, and just overall having no way to focus, I...temporarily got myself drawn into Pocket Monsters HeartGold again.

(And yes, I call it Pocket Monsters, as I play the Japanese versions, and I first new the series by that name when I started with Pocket Monsters Midori/Green back on the Game Boy.)

I also recently withdrew from Twitter again, as the place is one massive emotional sink that can drown even the more hardy minds in a pool of stupid and negativity. I have an account on Mastodon as well, but I only really use it to have a verifiable account on the fediverse, as the fediverse itself is also full of stupid and negativity. Social media itself has become a massive drain on me, which is why I've been actively avoiding it outside of links from others.

So yeah... I'm working on things. They're just a bit delayed. XD

So... It's been a couple weeks


21 January 2019 at 01:11:51 MST

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