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I happen to like critiques. When they're really critiques and not merely 'I really hate this'. In other words, if you see the good, bad or ugly back up what you're saying and if it's something that needs improvement then specify how, if you know. That's a critique.

  • BA Drawing, BA Graphic Design, Minor Art History.
  • Tattooist.
  • Grows own food, buys locally + seasonally when possible.
  • Cooks from scratch, every meal.
  • Backpacks, road Cycles, and Weightlifts.
  • Reads history, high fantasy and literature.


Latest Journal

Brick Port Dogs, Update, etc


I kind of end up ignoring this gallery. Sorry. Honestly, I don't have anything to add to it right now though. All my art time, what little there is, is spent on the Brick Port Dogs comic. Which is being posted exclusively at .

Folks who support me through paypal or patreon (1$ or more/month) get to see pages early however. Those guys are already reading page 6- which posts on Monday. And page 7 which will post three weeks after that. Page 8 is still in production and may take a little longer than it aught to in coming. I'm VERY low on time to art.

But it's my desire that as time goes by I'll collect enough financial support through the generosity of others to actually take time away from silly hourly jobs and put it into the comic. That'll start happening once I'm receiving 100+ a month through that portal.

Otherwise, I am also always open to commissions and I will bump paid commissions ahead of other jobs that I do on the side. And I will RELISH the opportunity to sit at my art desk and do what I do best... instead of make sandwiches. =_=

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Character Sheet

Character Sheet - No or minimal background
from $ 50.00
to $ 100.00
Character Sheet - W/Background
from $ 100.00
to $ 150.00

Characters, No background

1-3 Characters, no defined background
$ 50.00
add  per extra body
$ 10.00

Detailed full composition

Colored Pencil, 0-3 figures
from $ 150.00
to $ 350.00
Graphite, 0-3 figures
from $ 100.00
to $ 300.00
Other mediums
from $ 150.00
to $ 500.00


Multiple Characters, minimum background
$ 20.00
Single character, minimum background, 8x11
$ 10.00

Prices are negotiable, but also due to my discretion of how much time I may be putting into the art.
Barters are considered.

Mediums I can work in:
Colored Pencil

I will work in almost any size format.


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    Thought I was following you, what the heck! Well, fixed that!

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      Haha! NP!
      Are you going to the filming on Weds w/ everyone? I'm going to attempt to go. :)

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        I'm thinking about it, for better or worse I have a bunch of V-day deadline work to juggle, but we'll see! :3

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          Spiffy! I'm -still- in the air. Waiting for a response from C.G. Maybe I'll text B. and ask if he knows if C. is going.

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    Thank you for the watch! I appreciate it! : )

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    Thank you so much for the follow! I really appreciate it :3

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    Hello there! Thank you for watching my gallery!

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    hey you! good to see you here :D