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About Me:

I am currently a fulltime freelance illustrator residing in beautiful Southern California. I will be using this page as a place to post both finished illustrations and hopefully concepts from various projects I am working on! Thank you all for joining me here. Please feel free to ask questions!

Other Places you May Find Me:

Please note: I post many things outside of my formal galleries just to keep things uncluttered. Things like sketches and wip's go up on my Tumblr and many project specific images/concepts as well as commercial art end up on my Facebook. I try to keep things from being too redundant so you can always see something new no matter where you follow me!



My Online Store - Spira Mirabilis

Spira Mirabilis at Tumblr



Latest Journal

AWWW you guys!!!!

on 2 February 2014 at 14:59:55 MST

Thank you for all the feedback on my last journal. I'll start migrating the content I have posted on my tumblr over here. It will take a bit since there was quite a bit so bare with me! It makes me thrilled beyond words to have received so many replies to my journal because it means you guys are all over here giving Weasyl life =D! (also Thank you for all the wonderful words you all left about my work...<3<3!!!!)

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    I love your art so much ;A; It's insanely gorgeous and you're awesome!

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    Yay you're here too! ;u;

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    I really don't know how you get so detailed with your art, but it really looks wonderful and the way you display it both on paper and in digital form is truly stunning! It's very inspirational as well. Please continue to create more beautiful art. You've gained another faithful watcher~

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    ^ My reaction when I looked at my inbox today X3 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FOLLOW I ADORE YOUR WORK AND I'M REALLY REALLY HONOURED <3333

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    You know how much it means to me that you show an interest in my art... <3

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    lol beware I might have to fav-bomb you :D (all the balaa sketchies, yay!)

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    Thank you so much for the watch! The detail/texture in your work is amazing!