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I still maintain ~
This is a good way to browse my prints in a somewhat more user-friendly format!

Webz Magazine is still going strong with four issues and more to come! Here are all my available comics. is where I update about the book specifically. Find all kinds of Webz sketches I don't post anywhere else!

My prints at Rabbit Valley have been updated. New prints start on page 9 @RV or view them on my own website here!
commission/upload status
personal twitter


Auctions @ TheDealersDen
A List of My Characters
My F-List

And as always the best way to reach me directly is email! <----

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    You are probably one of my favorite artists in this community :) Always really admired the soft look of your works and the erotic yet classy ways you portray sexuality (especially with the ladies!)

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    Ohdesr. Look what i found!

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    Thanks for following and for friending! When I finally get around to posting art here, is it okay to post the pics I got from you?

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      Good to see you too Skunkbomb! ^^ Absolutely, post whatever you like, the Collections feature is really cool!

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    WHY HALLO THERE 'PUT! So thrilled to see that you're going to make Weasyl into your portfolio site. You're one of the high-caliber artists I love seeing here.

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      Now JUST how much serendipity is involved with my having just uploaded the Club H0tter piece without having even checked my shouts yet today? Great to see you too! :3

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        The universe works in mysterious ways, with cosmic timing.

        That's some Syndra-level punning there.

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    glomp and pass on another glomp to that geeky computer dude of a roommate :) <3