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Contact Role-Call

I still maintain ~ This is a good way to browse my prints in a somewhat more user-friendly format! Webz Magazine is still going strong with four issues and more to come! Here are all my available comics. is where I update about the book spec…

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Pirates and Space prepose groups open!

Just a quick one to cross-post about the latest prepose groups now open on FA! Journal is rated Moderate but links are Adult (not that you could see them if you weren't logged in... :p) Pirates! Space orgy! Thanks f…

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The YCH Plan

Thank you all so much once more for following me on Weasyl! ~~ I have had high hopes for Weasyl ever since day one -- honestly. I have always envisioned it as a portfolio site for really showcasing artwork in high quality. So far Weasyl has surpassed my expectations. I love uploading HD artwork and…

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Let the Weasyling Begin

Well, we're off to a fresh start so I think it warrants a spring-cleaning journal entry! I plan to slowly update my gallery until it's a pretty comprehensive collection of stuff. I will eventually set up folders like "Older Works", "Groups", "Sketches" and so on. But for now I'll start off by uploa…