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Hi all! :D Thanks so much for visiting my page, and for all the watches, faves and comments! <3 So glad to see both old friends and new ones here! :) *waves and wags* I will mainly be posting new art here (and on DA, FB and Tumblr), but I may post a few semi-older things here as well, though I don't want to spam my friends with really old art, so if you want to see that, then please view it on FA or DA (under the same nick). Anyways, I'm a stay-home-mom of 2 boys (ages 13 & 18) and one kitty (age 10), been married for 11 years to the musical Panduck, Sayh (you can find him here too), and I've been in the fandom since '01, but been furry (therian/otherkin) all my life. I'm also an Eastern Orthodox Christian (yeah, the one where the priests have black robes, long beards and funny hats). :D And um, that's all I can think to write right here now...better bio later, I guess. *derp* :P

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Sorry I haven't really been active here...

Hi all, I don't know if anyone still keeps up with me here, but I thought I would just give a quick update to those of you who don't follow me elsewhere (mainly FA/FB). Back in June, we went on vacation to the Alps, and during that time, my left leg suddenly became completely numb on the outside (skin layer), from the waist down, and burning/tingling on the inside (deep below skin layer), at the slightest touch. And my right leg became so weak I could barely lift it, and I couldn't clench my toes. It was a very good thing that I already had my cane with me during the trip (for the chronic plantar facsciitis in my foot), as I then desperately needed it to walk. I had no idea what was going on, and no way to really find out until I got home and could see my doc. After I got back, they ran all kinds of tests, did bloodwork, gave me an MRI and did a spinal tap, and they finally pinned it down to being MS. So needless to say, that diagnosis has pretty much flipped my life upside down, and even though I'm on meds for it now, my health has been going downhill, and I don't know if it will get any better, or keep going downhill. I did manage to get the feeling back in my left leg, and some strength back in my right one, but it's still weak, and I still need a crutch to walk anywhere, and I can't go very far before my legs just totally give out.

I'm also so extremely fatigued; I wake up exhausted, and even the slightest chore wipes me out, plus there's the chronic headaches, chronic insomnia, dizziness, chest pains, lower back pains (can't even bend over), knee/joint pains, hand tremors, painful spasticity, balance issues, depression, inability to focus/concentrate on/remember anything, and inability to find the right words I need to say when talking (so I usually prefer not to talk at all to anyone but my hubby, since he understands me even when I can't get the words out). And now, in the past few days, my right arm/hand--which is my drawing hand, btw--has gotten very weak and painful, burning and tingling at the slightest touch (even from hair and clothing lightly brushing against it), with shooting pains from my shoulder to my wrist, and severe "phantom itching" (deep under the skin where it can't be reached, and scratching doesn't help, since it's just damaged nerves misfiring) that keeps me awake all night, and also prevents me drawing or crafting anything. Even typing and holding objects is difficult. I don't know how long this symptom will go on, or if it's a temp thing...with MS, you can never tell. But anyway, all this (along with other pressing/stressful matters) are why I've been so quiet and unproductive lately, so please bear with me, as I really don't know when I'll be able to be creative again. :(

Take care,

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