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I cant draw, I cant write good stuff, I'm bad at CGI ... but I feel like I am reasonably good with photography. So thats what I am going to show here

I am always open for comments. It's never too late for improvements. And thanks in general for all favs! I will not thank you for every single fav, but I will have a look on the site of every one who gives a comment, a fav, a watch, a shout or whatever ... promised

If you are interested: Feel free to use the images posted here as references for any of your work. Please just give a link to my page and tell me about ...

Beside that, for four years I was one of the chairmen for NordicFuzzCon (, a furry convention in Sweden and I am still with them as head of registration.


please ask

Latest Journal

My future with NordicFuzzCon

Some of you may have seen that I recently (last October) moved from Germany to the United States to work in research at a University. This was a big step affecting a lot of things in my life. As you can expect, also my involvement in running NordicFuzzCon – by now Europe’s third largest furry convention – was not left unharmed.

The NordicFuzzCon Board, my co-chairman Trax and myself tried to keep everything running despite me now living nearly 8000 km and eight hours time difference away. I think we managed to pull it off this time and all of us helped together to realize a wonderful NFC 2016 for over 500 attendees.

This was only possible working around a lot of problems. With a lot of sadness I had to realize that these compromises cannot be a long term solution. So for the best of the convention I decided to resign from my positions in the NordicFuzzCon Board and from my position as co-chairman.

I will continue as the Head of the Registration Department and by that continue my long history of working for this convention I helped founding four years ago.

I want to thank my co-chairman Trax, all members of the board and all the many members of our staff and crew who helped us making this convention the success it is today. I wish the whole team a glorious future … and I will be there! You will not get rid of me that fast!


Former co-chairman NFC
Former board member NFC
Still Head of Registration NFC

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    i do have this webbsite so you can add my idon to tth Clockwork poto sins im Aurora the with wolf at the ednd ^^

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    Thank you for the follow, New Einstein! I'm a big fan of your character and photography, by the way!

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    Hello there! Thanks for following me here as well :D

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    Thanks for all the favorites! I like your character's design, very cute. :>

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    Thanks for the fav. :)

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    Thank you for a most wonderful NordicFuzzCon 2014 :) A little late with the thanking but I just thought I'd say that ^_^

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    Thank you so much for the watch! ^^

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    And now I have found you over here as well. Huzzah!