I am Stephanie, but you can call me Schiraki on the web.

I am a traditional artist from germany that loves animals and living things. My favorite themes are Fantasy- and Animal-Art in nearly any media.

I love to meet new artists and people who are just interested in art. :)

So if you are interested in getting in tough with me, dont be afraid to write me, I dont bite.

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Prepare NOW for christmas!

on 2 October 2017 at 02:38:29 MDT

Prepare NOW for Christmas!

"Whaaaat? But it's just October! "You will say. "Just because the stores are selling gingerbread now, you do not have to start so early, Schiraki!" You will say.

But reassure your breasts, all together, there is a reason why I bother you with it now. ;)

A picture with the partner, or of a beloved pet, is a great and very personal Christmas present. But: It does not pop up overnight.

When you commission a picture, the time passes until the bank transfer is gone through, you are the next on the list, the picture is painted and so on.
One or two months can pass, depending on how big your wish is.

And now imagine that all people at the same time order their Christmas gifts at the beginning of December. ;)
This means nightshifts for me and fingernail chewing for you, because I can not guarantee that I will be finished in time.

Therefore have a heart for artists!
Order your Christmas pictures as early as possible!

I can now guarantee to everyone now that I would be ready in time. :)

Thank you very much for your attention. ^^

PS: You cand find my prices and conditions here:

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    Danke für die Faves! :D

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    Viele Dank for the follow!

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      You are very welcome. Great artwork. :)

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    Thank you for the fave! =3

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      You are very welcome. ^^ That face is priceless.

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    You have amazing traditional work!

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      Thank you very much! :D

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    Danke für den Fave! :D Deine Kuchen(-Box) hat mich gerade total gekillt LOL