I am Stephanie, but you can call me Schiraki on the web.

I am a traditional artist from germany that loves animals and living things. My favorite themes are Fantasy- and Animal-Art in nearly any media.

I love to meet new artists and people who are just interested in art. :)

So if you are interested in getting in tough with me, dont be afraid to write me, I dont bite.

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Battle cry - redbubble

on 2 January 2018 at 06:58:05 MST

Most of you already know that my galaxytiger was stolen and is now printed on hoodies from china.

Today I spoke with a lawyer and it is like expected: The producer is in China and so I can not do anything about it.

All I can and will do is report the item to third parties where I find it. Amazon, Etsy and a few smaller shops have already has taken the sweater down from their sites.

But this is nothing more then an inconvenience for the producer, I know that in the long run I can not do anything about it. They will upload the article again and again and sell them in asian shops I can not reach.

The fact that I can not win does not mean that I can not fight.

So I took the next step and opened a Redbubble shop that you can find here:

What do you gain if you buy there instead of the Chinashop?

Well, on the one hand you support me and every sweater you buy from me is one sale less for them.

On the other hand: The file they have stolen is actually much too small for a print on sweaters. At redbubble they have my highres file. This means the print is sharper, more colorful and beautiful than the garbage they try to sell you from China.

I beg you, do not buy from these thieves. I'm not the only one who was robbed, they do not give a damn about artists, because they know exactly that they can not harm them.

At this point I would like to thank you for all your kind comments, encouragement and support. In the last few days it has become such a lot that I probably will not come after all to answer individually (even if I try), but I read everything and it helped a lot to see that it does matter to someone.
The whole thing has draines me and will probably spoil my mood for a while, but the shop and the small successes at least give me the feeling that I do not have to surrender completely without a fight.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!

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    Danke für die Faves! :D

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    Viele Dank for the follow!

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      You are very welcome. Great artwork. :)

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      You are very welcome. ^^ That face is priceless.

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    You have amazing traditional work!

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      Thank you very much! :D

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    Danke für den Fave! :D Deine Kuchen(-Box) hat mich gerade total gekillt LOL