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Writer. Illustrator. Volcano Chimera. AKA Rhondi. Writes, illustrates and publishes at and Heliopause Productions. Patreon/GoldeenOgawa | Online Store |
Fursuits are Tachyon (Dutch Angel Dragon) and Prax (Strange Owl).

2018 CONS
Further Confusion
Emerald City ComicCon (?)
Biggest Little FurCon
WorldCon 76
Rose City ComicCon
AnthroNorthWest (?)


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Latest Journal

Conventions for 2018!

Come find me in the real world!

Further Confusion
January 11-15 • San Jose, CA
(Dealer/Art Show)

Emerald City ComicCon
March 1-4 • Seattle, WA

Biggest Little FurCon
May 10-13 • Reno, NV
(Dealer/Art Show ?/Reading ?)

July 5-8 • Pittsburgh, PA
(Dealer/Art Show/Reading)

WorldCon 76
August 16-20 • San Jose, CA
(Art Show/Dealer ?/Reading ?)

Rose City ComicCon
September 7-9 • Portland, OR
(Artist Alley)

Anthro NorthWest
November 8-11 • Seattle, WA
(Pending AA table)

I won't be taking commissions outside of conventions, so if you want to get a badge or sketch off me, your best bet is to come find me in person! I may also open for limited slots prior to each con—if you'd like to be notified, please DM me with your email and I'll add you to my list!

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    Hey! You left me a shout on my page and I am so sorry I never got back to you! I had forgotten about this site for the longest time! ;w; I just briefed through your art, and your art has grown quite a bit since I saw you at MFF!

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    heeee thanks for all the favs and the follow!! it was nice meeting and hanging out with you at MFF!!

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    Thank you for the follow :)

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    found ya!

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    Gosh, your colors are swell! I love the warmth and depth you get with them!

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    Your work is simply beautiful! I hope you don't mind, but I'll be following this lovely gallery so I don't miss any of it!