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Hi, I'm Iron Eater! I draw a lot of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi stuff, but I like to break out of my comfort zone now and again.

I really, really, really like drawing orcs.

My specialty is pen and ink despite the colorful submissions I try to cram my gallery full of. I also draw some fairly raunchy porn and try to be responsible about it; if you'd like me to add tags to stuff so you can filter it, just ask! I'd like browsing my gallery to be pleasant and un-gross for visitors and followers alike.

I'm married to ComputerHusband, who inspired a lot of what you see here. Love you, buddy!

Current avatar by VanWeasel VanWeasel, who's a fantastic human being all around.

Latest Journal

Commission Queue and Pricing, 8-03

on 3 August 2014 at 04:45:43 MDT

Here's my current price list and commission queue. Please check out my TOS before noting or commenting. Let me know if you have any questions, too!

I'm keeping my queue and offerings small for the time being until I get a better bead on how much of a workload I can manage without risking burnout or falling behind schedule-wise. My prices are based on how much I earn through my day job combined with the fact that this is skilled labor; I don't offer things cheaper. If you'd still like some art from me but don't have the spare cash to afford it, keep an eye out for prompt-suggestion journals!

Budget Options

  • Pencil Sketch - Bust - $10
  • Pencil Sketch - Chibi Fullbody - $10


  • Pencil Waist-Up Portrait - $20
  • Pencil Full-Body Portrait (small) - $30
  • Pencil Full-Body Portrait (large) - $50


  • Rough Ink Sketch w/Textures - $35


  1. Available
  2. Available
  3. Available
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Budget Options!

Pencil Sketch - Bust
$ 10.00
Pencil Sketch - Chibi Fullbody
$ 10.00


Rough Sketch w/Textures
$ 35.00


Full-Body Portrait (Large)
$ 50.00
Full-Body Portrait (Small)
$ 30.00
Waist-Up Portrait
$ 20.00

Howdy! I want to draw for you, especially if you've got a monster or two in mind. I work in a variety of styles, so if there's a particular piece in my gallery you want me to emulate, let me know!

Check out this journal for my TOS.


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