I'm a german artist, in the 20s and I use Weasyl as my main gallery. So be prepared to be overwhelmed with visual art of all kind from sketches to finished work. And stupid "something between that". :D

Don't hesitate to give me critique. I promise I will react polite and try to use it either in the current picture if it is a sketch or in the next one with similar elements if it is a finished piece of art.

At the moment I don't have the time to do requests or trades. Commissions are open, so feel free to ask if you would like to commit something. :)

Have fun! If there are further questions, my inbox is open to you. :)

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More art!

on 22 April 2018 at 10:11:42 MDT

Hello there!

I finally managed uploading a little bit more art I did after last Eurofurence. Due to a change in my job situation in January I can finally focus more on doing art again. Having time and having the energy to draw are two very different things and with that part-time job in a completely different area of that city it was hard to have both at the very same time. I can't even do this "one picture for each month"-summary for 2017 because in some months I made a lot and in others I didn't draw anything.

However, working freelance again also comes with a lot of bureaucracy, customer acquisition and a lot of stuff which has nothing to do with making art but still takes a lot of time. I also have to take care of my (business-related) social media accounts and everything for which I often draw stuff that's not furry related and therefore won't be uploaded here.

Nevertheless: I did stuff! So enjoy the stuff I uploaded and stay tuned for more. I don't know how often I can upload things but there are already some plans for the Art Show of Eurofurence 24, so there will be more stuff in the next months. :)

Have fun folks!

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    Thank you for liking my totem illustration of the Red Panda! :D

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      Thank you for drawing it! It's so cute. ^^

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        Aw, thanks! I do post these daily totems on the weekdays on facebook and my website so I thought I would start doing them here as well! :D

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