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SiranaJHelena / 33 / female / Germany

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed
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More art!

Hello there! I finally managed uploading a little bit more art I did after last Eurofurence. Due to a change in my job situation in January I can finally focus more on doing art again. Having time and having the energy to draw are two very different things and with that part-time job in a completel…

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Dusty gallery

Hello there! Wow, it's been quite some time since I uploaded stuff! My day job made it hard for me to "produce" art regularly. Additionally some of the things I drew weren't furry related and/or solely made for my freelance work galleries. However, I'm going to upload a few older things in the next…

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Not Dead Yet

Good morning or good noon, dear fellow followers! Recently I read a journal of someone about leaving weasyl because it's so dead and I felt the need to say: I am not dead yet! :D My gallery might be covered in dust but that's not because I moved somewhere else or "left teh intanetz" or so but becau…

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Sketchblog on Tumblr & Inktober

Good evening! Maybe you already heard about this event called "Inktober" on Twitter or Facebook. It's a community challenge where artists draw one picture per day during October and share it on social media - with a pen of some sort, so you don't get stuck into erasing your picture to death. (It's…

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Get a selfie or an icon!

Selfies The Internet. A colourful divine temple for cats and some other animals. They used to reign in peace – until photographs of faces from weird naked apes flooded the web and the social networks. Protest! Get a selfie of your furry character! Fight the invaders with their own weapons! (Click f…

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Commission Guidelines

(Deutsche Version weiter unten) I'm almost always open for commissions. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to order artwork. Beforehand please be so kind and read my commission guidelines. They might answer some questions and you get to know the terms my commissioners have to agree with. :) Work…

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Tea tins and coffee cans needed?

Howdy, I keep thinking about stuff I'd like to make for this year's Dealer's Den at Eurofurence. As someone who likes to drink tea and is always in desperate need of tea tins, I wondered if tea tins and coffee cans might be a good idea. (And if they don't sell, I can keep them. :P ) However, I have…

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Eurofurence 21: Dealer's Den!

Howdy and hello! Saturday evening (GMT+1) the registration for Eurofurence 21 started. One day later I reserved a place as well, payed the fee and.. well, I'll be there! After I decided to do illustrations for living last year, I was thinking about getting a table in the Dealer's Den. I found a gre…

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Naturama Project - Help the Blopps to save our animals!

Aloha! You might have heard about this before or read a journal I wrote a few months ago. Many Artists from "Naturama Project", a charity project wich supports several programs to protect our animals, is still offering commissions. Digital and traditional art, even crafts and literature! Have a loo…

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Naturama Project wants YOU to save the environment!

This blog is free to be uploaded in personal journals or groups - please spread it to the world and ask your groups to post it! Thank you! Do you like drawing or creating art? Do you offer commissions or want to start with it? Do you love our beautiful nature or have a favourite animal? So please u…

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Free and Shoddy: Scribbled animals (Requests)

Hello there, I need to improve my digital skills, especially colorating but when I just put a colored blob somewhere, it looks silly. Therefore I offer to make cheap scribbles from your characters (or other critters) for FREE. What you get: Small pictures without background (= transparent or a sing…

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Color spam

Hello folks, in case you might wonder: There are indeed more of these silhouette pictures waiting to be realised, but now after MMC I'm not in such a rush anymore. (Two of them were just finished at the Consite btw..) So it doesn't have highest priority at the moment. I hope you like them! :) Regar…

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Comic Stuff

Howdy, in case you wonder about the comic pages: I always thought of making a comic some day. Not to become rich, even Don Rosa had been terribly underpaid, but more just for fun. Last summer I started with two pages but then my final exam, job search and work itself took me a lot of time. Strip nu…

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Hello world

..or at least hello Weasyl! Let's see there this is going. :)