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Hi, I'm Joleii,

but you can call me Joel or Jo if you want :3

I'm a German artist and photographer with an affinity for animals, especially plantigrade animals, 5-toed animals and ringtailed animals. My favourite animals are raccoons, mustelids and lemurs.

My profession is biologist and I have a diploma degree. My diploma thesis was about habitat differentiation and habitat modelling in three species of pipistrelle bats.

I'm also a fursuiter and enjoy to dance and perform in my suit, although I'm pretty introverted when I'm out of character.

I have many hobbies like painting, drawing (traditional and digital), sculpting, photographing, aquariums and terrariums, roleplaying, gaming (especially ego shooters), going to the wild and taking care of my pets.

My pets are guinea pigs, water turtles (2 Chrysemis picta dorsalis and 2 Sternotherus carinatus), several species of tarantulas, giant millipedes and fishes. And yeah, I tend to give my pets names, even the smallest ones :3

I'm happily married with my husband Nase since May 2012.

I hope you enjoy some of my arts!

Don't hesitate to take a look at my character section (although you should be 18 years of age to view some of my characters - but don't worry, there's no fetish stuff in there). :D

Latest Journal


Hey guys and girls!

If you upload art drawn for or commissioned by me, it would be nice if you would offer it as a collection to me so that I can collect all the art that was done for me. :)
Some people already did this and I thank you wholeheartedly for that! But it seems that some still don't know about weasyl's great function of making collection offers. Please use it, this would make me happy AND it is an additional chance of advertisement for your art.

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Character Reference Sheet
€ 60.00
Head or Bust Icon (with shading and background)
€ 10.00
Troll-/Awesome-smiley Icon (transparent background)
€ 5.00

Sculpted Candle Holders

Big Candle Holder (diameter 15-22 cm)
€ 65.00
Small Candle Holder (diameter 11-14 cm)
€ 45.00
add  additional big candle glass for big candleholder
€ 3.00
add  additional Character Sculpture
€ 15.00
add  additional small candle glass for big candleholder
€ 1.00
add  Cork Base for big candleholder (diameter 17 cm)
€ 0.00
add  Glass base for small candleholder
€ 0.00
add  Glass Gems
€ 2.00
add  Glass Plate Base for big candleholder (diameter 22 cm)
€ 10.00
add  Mirror base for small candleholder
€ 5.00
add  Plastic Gems
€ 1.00
add  shipping cost within Germany
€ 5.00
add  Square Black Ceramic Plate Base for big candleholder (15 cm)
€ 5.00

Sculpted Magnets

Big Magnet (8-9 cm)
€ 15.00
Small Magnet (5-6 cm)
€ 10.00
add  shipping cost within Germany
€ 2.20
add  Wings
€ 2.00


Big Character Sculpture (12 cm)
€ 50.00
Painted Super Sculpey Sculpture (ca. 9 cm, highly detailed)
€ 80.00
Small Character Sculpture (6-7 cm)
€ 15.00
add  shipping cost within Germany
€ 5.00
add  Super Sculpey Wings
€ 25.00
add  Wings
€ 5.00

Traditional Art

Badge (11 cm x 8 cm)
€ 15.00
Miniature Acrylic Painting on Canvas (5 cm x 5 cm)
€ 15.00
add  international shipping
€ 4.00
add  shipping within Germany
€ 1.45

*Character sheets come with 3 fullbody views and 3 detail views or 1 additional fullbody instead, feral and/or anthro, even adult, with background design of choice,

300 dpi.

More full/detail views possible for an extra charge, just ask! :)

*Sculptures are made of coloured polymer clay (FIMO™), unless otherwise stated. Super Sculpey Sculptures are highly detailed and professionally painted with high quality acrylics for miniature painting.

*Sculpted Candle Holders come with one sculpture and one glass candleholder at base. Additional sculptures and glasses can be purchased dependig on the base diameter of the Sculpted Candle Holder.

*Sculpted Magnets are flat on one side (where the magnet is glued onto)

*For international shipping rates, please ask beforehand and I will check how much it is to your homecountry! :3



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    Ui, ich wusste gar nicht, dass du auch fotografierst :D
    Danke dir fürs Anstalken!

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      Yep, ich hab nur lange nichts davon hochgeladen. ^^ Danke ebenso!

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    Bitte, da ich jetzt nicht mehr auf FA bin, werde ich hier von nun an viel aktiver werden. =)
    Ich mag Weasyl.

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      Ich auch! Es sieht so ultra schick aus und ich finde es so toll, dass man die Thumbnails der Bilder so einfach beim Hochladen selber machen kann. Auch dass man Ornder hat, einen eigenen Banner auf die Userpage machen kann... einfach cool. :3

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        Ich finde sogar die Idee mit der Charaktergalerie ziemlich gut wo man Biografien und andere Angaben machen kann.

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    welcome back over here bud :)

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    you're welcome

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