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Latest Journal

Patreon Changes

on 7 December 2017 at 18:19:25 MST

My Patreon is here:

Due to the recent pay structure changes by Patron I have removed the old pay Tiers from public access, and created new tiers. Those that are still paying on the old tiers can keep doing so if you wish.

I have made a Basic ($1.60 = $2), Fan ($4.50 = $5), Collector ($9.35 = $10), and Patron ($23.90 = $25) level tiers for simplicity.

As a result to keep from losing you as my patrons I am setting up a schedule. Every Sunday I will be posting something for ONLY my patrons eyes. It may be a completed piece, it maybe a doodle from sketch book, it maybe a photo of some project I am working on. It will be something.

In spite of these really stupid changes Patron has made, I hope you stick with me, and continue to provide support. Who knows, maybe Patreon will see they made a mistake here, and not change anything, or at least find a better solution for this.

If you are leaving Patreon over these changes, please buy my a Ko-Fi to continue your support of my work. Here:

Thank you for your support, past or continued.

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    You have beautiful paintings! c:

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      Thank you, you honor me. [Bows]

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    Fantastic work, was a real pleasure going through your submissions.

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      Thank you and you are welcome [Bows]

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    Awesome stuff!

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      Thank you [Bows]

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    Hi, just wanted to let you know, 1) your link to Facebook appears to be broken. 2) Really awesome work - I'm amazed at the level of detail you use in your paintings, especially since they're in the traditional genre. I haven't worked a lot with paint but I know it's very intricate and precise work.

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      Thank you for your kind words [Bows]

      And I will look into the link. [Grin]