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Slot 1: Completed for Nicodemus
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Slot 3: Completed for Stalbon for Vincent
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Slot 5: Completed for Silent Ravyn
Slot 6: Completed for Chet
Slot 7: Completed for Utunu
Slot 8: Completed for kantuck_nadie
Slot 9: Completed for Lionel
Slot 10: Pending
Slot 11: Pending.

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Slot 1: Completed Spike Rotti
Slot 2: Completed Jakebe
Slot 3: Pending.
Slot 4: Pending.

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Slot 1: Completed for Tim
Slot 2: Completed for Wielder
Slot 3: Completed for Drossen
Slot 4: Completed for Tempest Panda
Slot 5: Completed for Morphy
Slot 6: Completed for Hikaru

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How can I improve my art?

on 28 April 2017 at 18:40:05 MDT

How can I improve my art?

I am seriously asking you (the reader): How can I improve my Art?

I am not looking for a critique of anyone posted piece of art, I am asking in general. What can I do to make my art more “Wow” and more “Eye Catching”, and “More Enjoyable” for you all.

Tell me what elements I can incorporate into my future work that make you WANT to look at them.

Thank you.

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    Fantastic work, was a real pleasure going through your submissions.

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      Thank you and you are welcome [Bows]

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    Awesome stuff!

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      Thank you [Bows]

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    Hi, just wanted to let you know, 1) your link to Facebook appears to be broken. 2) Really awesome work - I'm amazed at the level of detail you use in your paintings, especially since they're in the traditional genre. I haven't worked a lot with paint but I know it's very intricate and precise work.

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      Thank you for your kind words [Bows]

      And I will look into the link. [Grin]

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    Happy Birthday, you wonderful inspiration, you. ^_^

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    You are very welcome!