Neigh :3

I'm not the best at describing myself but I'll try.

I'm a paint horse from Sweden. I've been in the fandom for around eight years or so, I've been six furry conventions so far and I allready have two planned next year.

I choose to be a horse cause it's the animal that is closest to my heart. I hope to one day have a horse or pony on my own who.

I tend to play a lot of games on Steam. At the moment the games I play the most are Civilization V, Reus, Viscera Cleanup Detail and Dwarfs?! Feel free to add me on Steam! ^^

I also play League of Legends every now and then, my summoner name is "HozzieHozzbourne" on EU West, feel free to add me there as well!

This horsie is also a brony. I'm not a hardcore brony as I don't participate in the fandom, I only watch the show, look at artwork and listen to some music. Big Mac is best pony btw :3

That's all I can think of saying at the moment, don't be afraid to contact me if you want to chat. Ask me anything ;)




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NFC 2015 Meme

on 30 December 2014 at 11:48:26 MST

So, I stole this little Nordicfuzzcon meme from Sweawolf :D

Where are you staying?:
At the convention hotel :)

Means of transportation?:
Train and then furrybus :)

Sharing a room with:
Pawa ^^


Relationship status:

How old are you?:
26 (will turn 27 during the con)

How tall are you?:
175 cm. (short horse)

What languages do you speak?:
Swedish and English

Have you been to any other furry conventions before?:
Eurofurence 5 times, Confuzzled twice and Nordicfuzzcon twice :) I'm becoming a veteran :D

Have you been to Sweden before?:
Well, I was born and live her :D

Are you doing anything for the convention?:
Probably help a little here and there ^^

Where will you be most of the time during the day?:
Probably around the lobby area taking pictures and hugging fursuiters ^^

Do you have a fursuit?:
I do, but it's not very good for fursuiting in public :(

Who will you be with?:
Anyone who wants to hang with me ^^

Are you selling anything at the convention?:
Just myself ;D No, but I wont sell anything ^^

Do you do free art?:
Well, I could but you probably wont like what you see :P

Do you do trades?:
I trade you my sheep for your pony :D

Do you do commissions?:
Nope ^^

Will you get anything commissioned?:
I might! If something catches my eye!

Can I touch you?:
Feel free to ^^

Can I talk to you?:
Go ahead. But I do have issues with stuttering ^^;

Can I buy you lots of drinks?:
If you want to, but I'll blame you if I feel sick :P

Do you smoke?:
Nope! Never even tried it

Can I give you lots of money?:
I'd feel bad..but if you insist :P

Can I hug or snuggle you?:
I LOVE hugs and snuggles! :D

Are you nice?:
I usually am

Can I buy you food and/or eat with you?:
I'll bring enough money to buy me food, but if you insist :P

Can I give you presents?:
Well..I do have my birthday at the con, so i wouldn't say no :D

Can I hang with you in your room?:
Feel free to ^^

Can I dance with you?:
I can't dance for shit...but if I get some alcohol in me..

Can I invite you to parties?:
Go ahead, I may or may not show up ^^

How can I get your attention?:
Say my name, poke me etc ^^

What are you most looking forward to?:
Meeting friends agan :D

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    Älskling <3

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    How are you?

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      Just fine thanks. Haven't been active here at all lately xD How about yourself? :)

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        I've been better, life's sort of chaotic right now, but I thought about you when I was looking through weasyl.

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          Awws, sorry to ear that :( May I ask why?

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            Oh, possible fourth attempt at a new job and continual challenge to my self worth, working on the final stages for a potential 'break out of my shell' project... That sort of thing. Plus a longtime friend recently lost his battle with cancer.

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    Neigh~! <3