"Sail On, Silver Girl..." by Swandog

"Sail On, Silver Girl..."


20 November 2014 at 15:45:26 MST

"Sail on, Silver Girl;
Sail on by...
Your time has come to shine;
All your dreams are on their way...
See how they shine!"


(An ink sketch commission for Jake/Staghorne, done at Confuzzled, which he kindly scanned for me. He had a themed sketchbook for artists to draw in, and the theme was song lyrics, with a long list of lyrics to choose from, and the artists could draw their own interpretations of them. This is the one I chose, because it's always been a favorite song of mine, and also my favorite part of the song...the part that always made my heart soar, gave me chills, and brought tears to my eyes. Even as a little girl, I always imagined a giant silver swan phoenix, rising up from the moonlit sea, and sailing off into the night sky, with a glorious trail of silvery light streaming from every feather. This stylized drawing doesn't do that mental image justice, but maybe you can imagine it for yourself when you listen to the song.) :)


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    Oh wow, what lovely patterning <3