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Help me with a Project

on 13 November 2014 at 19:34:49 MST

Next year I am going to Fangcon and I am trying to come up with some ideas for freebies and other stuff to give away, or sell for really cheap, and among those things I thought I would make a little booklet with samples of my art work in it, but among that I want it to have some verbiage in there, and I thought maybe if you guys have questions about my art work I can include those in the book. Just any kind of questions pertaining to my art or characters.

Other than that I am trying to think of stuff that I could easily mass produce (like 100 or 200 things) cheap. I am looking into silk screening glasses or coffee mugs. Casting plastic doohickes, decoupage, and other little projects. I really want to have tons of give away stuff, and I want to start now so by next year I will have a great big box of goodies. If I actually sell anything, I want to keep costs low so even the poorest slobs can afford something if I am all out of freebies.

I am also trying to have literal free bees to give out, but I haven't figures out how to mass produce bees. So far I have an idea on how to assemble them with pompoms, small clay balls, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

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    Oooh! Found you on Weasyl! :D

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    thanks for watching me bud.

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    THANKS FOR THE FOLLOW \m/ your icon is perfect

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    Hey man, thank you so much for following me back! Your work is really cool and I'm definitely looking forward to see more 8D

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    Hi! I used to follow you years ago on a different site (you may or may not remember me as DMG), and I'm glad to see you're uploading stuff here, too. Holy gosh but your linework has really developed!

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    Yaay thanks for following me back~

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    Will you be my girlfriend??

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      Hell no, you crazy bitch.