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I am a Swedish lover of nature, animals and music. These three things are what I live and breathe, and I am lucky to live in the middle of the Swedish countryside, surrounded by beautiful nature and animals. I have a spiritual side and I am fairly close to being an idealistic hippie. Although I do not use drugs (aside from one experience). Music, love, friends, nature and animals are all the drugs I need. I have a tendency to become sad at times, although the core of me is really positive.

I love most animals, but I have a special fondness for all hooved herbivores. I identify myself most strongly with bovines of various kinds, as I feel a very strong sense of belonging when I am in the company of bovines.

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NFC 2014 was an amazing experience! :D

With this journal, I just wish to say a huge thank you, to everyone at NordicFuzzCon 2014, for making it such a wonderful experience!

I had a great time hanging out with those I already know, and also getting to know some new lovely individuals! Being as shy as I am, among large groups of people, and while interacting with people I didn't know previously, I still ended up having a wonderful time!

It is for reasons such as my shyness, that it has taken me so long to finally go to a con! Well, not entirely true; I would have attended NFC already last year, if I had been able to get time off from work back then! But yes, I never came along with my friends, back in the late 90's and early 2000's, when they started going to furry cons.

So I am 15 years too late... but... better late than never! And it was truly an amazing experience! I am glad to be at this point now, in my life, that I can go to a con enjoy it so much! Once again, thanks to all of you for being such great and wonderful individuals, you know who you are! It was great meeting you, and spending time with you, whether it was just a brief hug and a few words exchanged, or if we hung out every day!

I am trying to think of highlights to mention, but... seriously, the entire con was nothing but full of highlights, so this journal would get way too long, if I would start mentioning everything! It was just several days packed full of great moments, spent with great people! :D

I'm already looking forward to NFC 2015!

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    Jag älsker dig, min sötnos! :****

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweety!! <333 *snuggles*

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      Awww, wow, thank you so much dear Swandog! You made me really happy with your nice birthday greeting! *snuggles happily* <3 :D

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        *nuzzles* <3 (And did you know that AlectorFencer, Goldenwolf and Arikla share your birthday too?) :D

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          *gently nuzzles in return* Oh? I had no idea! It's nice to share a birthday with such talented and lovely furs! :)

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    Thank you for the watch! I appreciate it! : )

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    This is sooo cute; you'll love it! :D

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    Thank you fur the fav.!!