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From a Moment to Another - by Wilderness by Silkyfur

From a Moment to Another - by Wilderness

From a Moment to Another - by Wilderness


First of all: Warning! This is a really bad recording, recorded by someone standing in the audience, and there are noisy people in the audience talking all over the quiet parts of the song!

This is a song by my second band, Wilderness (1996-2001). It's a live recording from 1999.

It is one of my favourite songs of all the ones I co-wrote together with Jonas, the guitar-player in the band. Him and I had a great collaborative relationship for song-writing, and I miss him dearly. I was the bass-player, and our styles of playing worked really well together.

It is one of the few songs that I did not write the lyrics for, the lyrics were written by Miguel, the singer.

It's a ten minute song, so if you don't like it 3 minutes in, hold out, for you might like the rest of it. :P

Though I am aware of the fact that it is in a style that isn't very popular, so I don't expect many of you to like it. Still, I thought I'd share! :)

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