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Småland Landscape March 2013 by Silkyfur

Småland Landscape March 2013


I was out cycling again today, in the area around where I live. Today it was +7 degrees C in the sun, the warmest it's been for many months, and the snow is melting away now. Well, you can compare the amount of snow with the photo I took a week ago.

This show a typical field, surrounded by the traditional stone walls, because the ground here in Småland is really rocky, and everytime you plough the soil, you end up with all those rocks you have to place somewhere. So the farmers of the past centuries put all the rocks around the fields and pastures, to fence them in.

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    It's really beautiful, and like you can see the spring is crawling and slowly taking away the winter! Really nice, I hope to see those landscapes for real one day!

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      Thank you for your reply, your words ended up sounding poetic. :) You would be very welcome to visit me. Maybe, when I have bought my next farm, whenever that happens.

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        Awww! :D We are gonna make a party then!!! :D :D :D Greasy hippie furries invading your farm! :D

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          *laughs heart-fully* Yay for greasy hippie furries! ;D Mmm, I have no idea if my future farm will have a lot of space, or very little space. It will be what I can afford, and sometimes pretty large places are very cheap (only that they happen to be located in the wrong spot for me). But if the place is large enough, maybe I can organize some kind of furry gathering at home. That'd be so much fun! :D

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            Hahah YES! Neverending furry party with lots of ponies and apple cider! :D