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Trans | Bisexual
Female pronouns

Writer from Hespeler Ontario. Fan of furries, soft grunge, glitch and blood :3



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so what was it that made this site better than FA again (2.0)

So my last journal was deleted because I in passing mentioned someone's name, and totally not because I was criticizing this website for its shitty administration

To review the points I made:

  • The forums have weekly threads devoted to hating on marginalized people. Last week was all about the mentally ill and how shitty they are (someone even said "I'd respect someone more if they weren't mentally ill" like literal wording), this week we had a thread about how terrible women are for not wanting to be bullied out of STEM fields

  • Usually what I do is just report any post that has blatant bigotry in it. Generally racism, ableism and transphobia because I don't have enough time in my day to report every instance of sexism on the forums it's that insidious

  • Without warning I was banned for "abusing the report function", because I had insulted some of the users when I referred to them as "sexist"

  • I have been told multiple times since by admins and a few others that I've been "too aggressive" and that's why I was banned, which of course ignores how tremendously more aggressive misogyny is in general but whatever they're just pulling excuses out of their asses

  • I came to the conclusion that because most of the admins actually benefit from sexism, transphobia, racism and ableism, then they must be too invested in those constructs to care about making Weasyl an inclusive website

  • a few people who don't even follow me (an admin being one of them) came to my page so they could start shit, trolled through my gallery and then noticed this journal

Like idk what they thought deleting the first journal was going to accomplish, they're not going to shut me up lmao

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    "A cat!" he yelled loudly into the street as he pointed toward the female. "Its a walking, talking cat!" the man screamed out behind him. The humans never seen such a sight and it shocked a few, others it amazed. The age of anthros hath began...

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    HAAAAAYYY B) i'm the big fat gay lady next to u right now

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    I aint even not on skype that often

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    Thank you for the follow!! I hope I continue making work you enjoy 'w' I love yer cute little cupcake banner.

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      Thanks! Your art is really cute and also great :3c

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    I did not realize you had twin accounts ;;

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    thank you