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=====Commission Status: CLOSED/WORKING=====
For commission inquiries, please contact me via e-mail:

My name is Laura...but online, I usually go by Lauralien, (pronounced "Lore-Alien") or Naerina.

Most of my work is digital, done on Paint Tool SAI, with a Wacom Intuos 4.
I am most active and updated on my FurAffinity account, but all major artwork does get posted here as well!

I've spent the several years working on something I call Trinity Project, my personal world-building exercise, which features a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, aliens (yay!!!!), and my mediocre-to-bad writing. Anyone is welcome to create their own stories, characters, or settings within the Trinity Project universe. You can read a little more on that in this journal.

I hope you enjoy my gallery, and thank you for not throwing rocks or rotten fruits at me for my art! :P

I'm On Other Websites!
FurAffinity: Lauralien
DeviantArt: LauralienArt
My personal website:

Roleplay: No
Requests: Nope
Trades: Not right now

Latest Journal

To the fine people I've drawn for: Getting my art into your Collections!

on 23 June 2014 at 20:21:21 MDT

I'm familiar with folks that I've drawn things for on FA, but not on Weasyl so much. Tracking everyone down to give collection offers is too crazy a task for me.

I'm not too familiar with all the options on this website....
But if I've drawn you in any way, and you'd like that art in your collection, just leave a comment referring to the artwork anywhere within my little space on Weasyl (An e-mail or FA note would also work). C:



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    hi there I saw you on FA before great art btw!

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    AhI found you here!
    So much stuff to look at and read about

    eheee you world build I love world building and world builders

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    The environments in your work are beautiful!

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    updates, updates, updates, updaaaates

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      Guh, and what a pain it is! :C
      Husband laughed at me when he found out that I have a notepad file with 3 different versions of the Trinity Project info-blurb in it....Because my 3 main galleries all use vastly different text formatting styles. >_<

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    Greetings to a fellow virginian!
    I approve of lizard folks

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      Gasp, a Virginia fur! I thought I might be the only one of my kind in this area! Mind = blown.