Darimi by Lauralien



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From May 2015

The earliest known record of the land called Daldra dates back to 4700 years ago, making it one of Aluria's oldest nations. The region is believed to be the origin point of the Alurian race, and through its long history runs a constant undercurrent of rivalry and bloodshed.

For most of its first three thousand years, Daldra was divided among many clans, all fighting to protect their own claims to parts of the lush Cradle region. The turbulence reached its peak shortly after Noth crossed the Krinapsys wastes in The Year of Light, leaving his father and brother behind. His father Dastrith, who was leader of the clan of people that would one day become House Renthe, launched a brutal revenge campaign against the other clans of the Daldran Cradle.

His first order of business was the erasure of the rival clan that had ambushed and killed his mate and many other unarmed women several years ago. So merciless was his extermination that the name of that group has been forever lost.

Over the course of decades, Dastrith swept through the Cradle, claiming more and more of the precious rainforest for his people with every victory. Those who resisted were eliminated without hesitation, and anyone that remained was absorbed into his growing army.

When it came to who would lead alongside him, Dastrith only truly trusted his son Fanth, and one other: A woman named Darimi, one of the first Seers that history has a solid record of. Darimi had earned for herself a reputation as a skilled fighter that men feared and respected. She wielded no weapons and wore no armor; Even blinded by the hood she kept over her eyes when in combat, no one could hope to land a blow upon her. Those that fought alongside her described her as moving effortlessly through the field of battle and striking like the wind - Nimble, unstoppable, and always appearing exactly where she was most needed. She was so brutally effective and influential in skirmishes that when Dastrith's conquest was finally complete, he named his newly-established capital city after her.

For some time afterward, the new country of Daldra experienced peace. But many would not so easily forget how they were conquered and forced to march in Dastrith's name, and divides began to form, giving birth to the Daldran Houses that still exist today.

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