A Bit of a Poor Sport by Lauralien

A Bit of a Poor Sport


22 May 2016 at 20:13:36 MDT

From March 2015
("Give it back? What are you gonna do with it, stick it back in?!")

If Ryndu is the sun, and the Severer is represented by the moon, then Kirilanu is the sky that holds them in place. Based on a single brief sighting thousands of years ago, his form is that of a vast winged serpent, and his purpose is the creation and protection of all flying creatures and their domain. Less is known about Kirilanu than the other two Infinites, but he has gained popularity in the age of flight and space travel. A common superstition involves the carrying of a feather when going on a journey, or keeping a feather permanently aboard one's seeker ship, the belief being that this is enough to gain Kirilanu's protection.

The Zandak are unusually outspoken about this Infinite, acknowledging his existence, but having mixed opinions on his actual role or whether they even view him favorably.

A peculiar variation on Kirilanu is the depiction of him in a playful and childlike form named Kiri. The origin of this form is unknown, but its role remains the same. Kiri's likeness and personality are popularly used for digital assistants and to relate to children.

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