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Depending on region of birth, between 5% to 25% of all Alurians qualify for some level of "Seer" classification. Seers are individuals that naturally develop skills and senses that cannot be fully explained by current scientific understanding, are beyond the ordinary for our species, and have no correlation to genetics or family history.

Though all Seers have different skills, strengths, and weaknesses, having some or all of the following traits may indicate if you or someone you know has potential as a seer:
-May seem impossibly observant or perceptive. You cannot sneak up on this person, and they often "just know" when they are being watched.
-Those in the immediate vicinity may find the person charismatic or convincing, yet unable to explain why they feel this way. Could be described as "having a strong presence."
-Naturally talented at reading people
-When walking through a crowd, it will reliably give way to allow the person easy passage
-Strong telepath. Able to 'path clearly over longer distances than usual, even with unfamiliar people.
-Exceptional ability to detect Source
-In extreme cases, may appear to be able to temporarily suspend the laws of physics for themselves

Most major governments, with Arxyna being one major exception, keep track of their own Seers. A few have even developed their own training programs; In Daldra, for example, each of the Prime Houses (and some of the Lesser ones) educates their own Seers. The lessons the students must endure are notoriously punishing, but successful individuals are viewed with both respect and fear, and due to their high demand, they enjoy a greater degree of social mobility compared to other Daldrans.

Here in Yredua, our approach is relatively relaxed. Training is entirely voluntary for all parties involved, any fully-trained seer may accept a single student at a time, and they will be subsidized for their honest efforts.

For the good of our society, we believe that we must encourage our Seers to expand and perpetuate their knowledge. If you think that you might have potential as a Seer, and would wish to improve your skills, please contact the Yreduan Census Office to begin the classification process.

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