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Hey I am Russet, an English fur living in London,
I'm a writer, I tend to write a variety of stuff on a matter of fun topics though my favourite is transformation which I like to think I am not to bad at.

I sometimes accept commissions though more often then not I'd prefer a trade though on rare occasions if an idea appeals to me enough I'll jump on it and be more then happy to write it just for the fun of seeing the idea translated into a story.

I am also a shape-shifting mass of red goo! Though most people know me as a ferret or a skunk though I have a multitude of forms and shapes I am happy with so you never know what I might be at any time.

Latest Journal

Christmas 2015

I will be writing Christmas 2015 soon!
If you want to sign up check out this journal

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Full Story
£ 6.00
Short Story
£ 13.00

Short Stories

My short stories are just that. A short 2 or 3 page story normally involving at most 3 characters. They are are quick, fun, enjoyable happenings between people.
Normally I ask there be a central idea that the story will revolve around. Some examples are:


Normal Length Stories

Normal stories can be up to any length. An average would be between 6-10 but I can hit higher page numbers. It all depends on the plot, the intended story and how many characters are in it.
I charge £6 a page for my normal stories.

Plot can be anything you like as long as it falls within my restrictions which I can discuss with you if you ask. Any character can be used as long as they are yours or you have the owners permission. I am always happy to discuss plot-lines and ideas before I begin writing. Some examples of my normal length stories are as follows:



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    Your banner. <3

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    Is one of the rats on your banner covered in mud?

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      He sure is yup!
      Have you not seen my Lurking in the mud stories?

      I don't have them on here sadly as there are lots of them

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        Thank you. And it's nice funding others involved in muddy literature.

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          Writing mud fun is one of my favourite things!

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    I'm very much enjoying your stories! Would love to do more with you!

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      Well I am always open for commissions!

      And your characters are tons of fun!
      Did you see the Halloween sign up this year?
      I didn't see your name on it so much sadness!

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        I did not! Sadness :(